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  • MountElbrus A peak, 5,645.6 m (18,510 ft) high, in the Caucasus Mountains of southwest Russia on the border of Georgia. It is the highest elevation in the range.

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  • proper n. An inactive volcano located in the western Caucasus mountain range, in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia, near the border of Georgia. Mt. Elbrus's highest peak is the highest mountain in the Caucasus, in Russia.


The word is a metathesis of Alborz, which is ultimately derived from Harā Bərəzaitī, a legendary mountain in Iranian mythology. Harā Bərəzaitī reflects Proto-Iranian *Harā Bṛzatī. *Bṛzatī is the feminine form of the adjective *bṛzant (“high”), the reconstructed ancestor of modern Kurdish barez ("high, tall") and modern Persian برز (barz, "high, tall"). Harā may be interpreted as "watch" or "guard", from an Indo-European root *ser (“protect”). In Middle Persian, Harā Bərəzaitī became 𐭧𐭫𐭡𐭥𐭫𐭰 (Harborz), Modern Persian البرز (Alborz), which is cognate with Elbrus. (Wiktionary)


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