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  • Arbus, Diane 1923-1971. American photographer best known for her portraits of prostitutes, transvestites, persons with physical deformities, and other unconventional subjects.


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  • I will content myself, however, with saying that this production is intelligent and thoughtful, that the director Arin Arbus has really thought about its patterns and psychologies, and it really moves along.

    Measure For Measure

  • David Lowery: What Steven Shainberg has set out to do with Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus is free the biopic from the shackles of literal history.

    GreenCine Daily: Shorts, 11/2.

  • This stunning book from Random House, accompanying what promises to be an equally stunning exhibition, doubtless will be the standard by which subsequent work on Arbus is measured.

    Vitro Nasu » 2005 » March

  • And a 1968 Erwitt shot a naked family at play recalls Arbus's 1963 photo of nudists at home, which in turn suggests Levitt's 1940 shot of a man in a suit gawking at an undressed female mannequin.

    How To Sell The Joke

  • Arbus' photograph was the rare exception that revealed Norman Mailer.

    Joseph Mantegna: Norman Mailer: The American

  • In 2009 after Norman had passed away, I went to the official Norman Mailer website, and there it was, the infamous Arbus photo being featured prominently in the masthead.

    Joseph Mantegna: Norman Mailer: The American

  • Arbus had broken the barrier and exposed the real Norman Mailer.

    Joseph Mantegna: Norman Mailer: The American

  • Inevitably, I stumbled upon the Arbus photograph that Norman so despised.

    Joseph Mantegna: Norman Mailer: The American

  • Andy Pilara, 69, a skillful investment-fund manager who got hooked on serious art photography in 2003 when he bought his first Diane Arbus print, has deeded his collection of more than 2,000 prize photographs—from Eadweard Muybridge 1830-1904 to three photographers born in 1978—to a foundation housed in a maze of white-walled, concrete-floored galleries in the remodeled Pier 24.

    Free to Focus on the Pictures Inside

  • This has led him—like Mr. Pilara—to collect, and display in some depth, the work of Robert Adams, Arbus, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander and Gary Winogrand.

    Free to Focus on the Pictures Inside


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