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  • Baden-Powell, Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth 1857-1941. British soldier who founded the Boy Scouts (1908) and with his sister Agnes (1858-1945) the Girl Guides (1910).


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  • "Daisy's admiration for Robert Baden-Powell was nearly instantaneous and utterly life-changing."

    Saluting a Centennial

  • Daisy moved to the U.S. later that year and, using her personal connection to Baden-Powell, her society contacts, her own funds and the considerable force of her charm, introduced Girl Guides to America.

    Saluting a Centennial

  • In 1911, when she was seated beside Baden-Powell at a lunch, Ms. Cordery says, Daisy resolved to "set her face against him," certain that the hero of the second Boer War had been celebrated at the expense of friends who had also fought bravely.

    Saluting a Centennial

  • The merit badge here goes to Stacy Cordery's biography: Even if Juliette Gordon Low had never met Gen. Baden-Powell or set foot in a Girl Scout troop meeting, we now know, her life still would have offered plenty to fascinate.

    Saluting a Centennial

  • When girls complained during the group's early days that the name Girl Guides sounded "insipid and dull" compared with Boy Scouts, Daisy pushed Baden-Powell, the ultimate power regarding all things Scouting-related, to allow her to make Girl Scouts the official term in the U.S. Baden-Powell had been insistent that the British groups have separate names—Scouting built "manliness" and guiding was more feminine—but "despite misgivings," he didn't oppose the American name change.

    Saluting a Centennial

  • Daisy settled on her mission after meeting Robert Baden-Powell, the renowned former British army general who a few years earlier had founded the Boy Scouts and its off-shoot, the Girl Guides.

    Saluting a Centennial

  • She lifted her head with a proud air of dismissing sadness, after, the manner of a woman qualified to wear a Baden-Powell and a long-barrelled Colt's.

    Chapter 5

  • "And what with your arriving in a gale," he broke in, "fresh from the wreck of the schooner, landing on the beach in a whale-boat full of picturesque Tahitian sailors, and coming into the bungalow with a Baden-Powell on your head, sea-boots on your feet, and a whacking big Colt's dangling on your hip -- why, I am only too ready to admit that you were the quintessence of adventure."

    Chapter 28

  • I strongly recommend Morelia and the Baden-Powell Institute.

    Spanish lessons

  • Morelia is the city I took Spanish lessons, at Baden-Powell Institute, also where I now live.

    Spanish lessons


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