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  • Benny, Jack Originally Benjamin Kubelsky. 1894-1974. American comedian known for his delayed comic delivery and for his shows on radio (1932-1955) and television (1950-1965), which featured sketches based on his fictitious miserliness, constant age of 39, and inexpert violin playing.

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  • n. A stupid or dull-witted person.
  • n. A temper tantrum
  • n. A one-hundred-dollar bill.
  • proper n. A male nickname for Benjamin.
  • proper n. A female nickname for Bernice or Bernadette.


Shortened from the given name Benjamin. (Wiktionary)
Shortened from the given names Bernice and Bernadette. (Wiktionary)
From the name of a dull-witted character in the British soap opera Crossroads (Wiktionary)
From the name of Benjamin Franklin, whose portrait is on the bill (Wiktionary)


  • He gave three away and kept the fourth, the smallest male, which he called Benny, as a pet for thirteen years.

    Healed by Horses

  • While "Benny" is not fishing slang, you do hear things like "Googan," "Jabronie," and "Jamoke" in my area to describe those guys that troll through your chum slick, weasel in right next to you on the jetty, or are just clueless when it comes to the local fishing scene, eagerly dropping hundreds on whatever the tackle shop owner says they need when three lures is all it takes.

    Fun with Name-Calling

  • For those unfamiliar (and most probably are) "Benny" is a slang term given by Jersey Shore locals to summer visitors from the northern metro towns of Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, or anyone from New York.

    Fun with Name-Calling

  • Frank questions and redefines his faith, first when he learns that Benny is seriously ill, and later when he has pneumonia in India.

    The Weight of Heaven by Thrity Umrigar: Questions

  • It would seem that Benny is going to be the flirtatious one ... so you must imagine Georgia is playing companion of the moment for this episode.

    What I love about Russell T. Davies

  • Benny is the extrovert; he is spontaneous, charismatic, optimistic, enthusiastic and * in desperate need of flaws*.

    Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » Jackie Petrelliā€™s Review Forum

  • Sam's pony is called Benny, to everyone's amusement.

    Horse riding in Ashdown Forest

  • And when Benny gave Mark a free lease and Mark refuses it, I felt wronged - mostly because if I were in Benny's shoes, that's what I would do, try to bargain and compromise, and still fight to get what others want.

    Rent & Why it Pisses me Off

  • I have to share this line: "It's been good to realize that even when I can't see my reflection in Benny's eyes, I still exist."


  • Benny is having doubts about his relationship with Joss: doubts about being so involved with a girl while his mother is dying; doubts about a physical relationship and sex; doubts about Joss, a daughter of divorced parents in a very Catholic town.



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