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  • Bering, Vitus 1681-1741. Danish navigator and explorer who in 1728 sailed through the Bering Strait, proving (though he did not realize it at the time) that Asia and North America are separate continents.

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  • proper n. An element of various place names in the geographical region between the northeastern extreme of Russia and the U.S. state of Alaska.

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  • n. Danish explorer who explored the northern Pacific Ocean for the Russians and discovered the Bering Strait (1681-1741)


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Derived from the surname of Vitus Bering, a Danish-born navigator in the service of the Russian Navy, known for his two explorations of the north-eastern coast of the Asian continent and from there the western coast on the North American continent.


  • On an island in Bering Sea, where the river and the ocean meet, he established a great distributing station, and on the North Pacific he put big ocean steamships; while in his offices in Seattle and San


  • The seventh year his schooner was seized in Bering Sea by a Russian cruiser, and all hands, so the talk went, were slammed into the Siberian salt mines.


  • The passage received the name Bering Strait from its discoverer, and the same name was bestowed upon the sea leading to it.

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  • The seventh year his schooner was seized in Bering Sea by a

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  • They got there by crossing the so-called Bering Land Bridge - a strip of dry land that connected what is now Russia and Alaska - and they left behind the foundations of a house, tools and the cremated remains of a child.

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  • Link to this the hardware store is called Bering's Hardware, and it is definitely upscale … which believe me i know, is an oxymoron! perry is somewhat of another moron though, as he showboats and tramples his way to the top.


  • There's many a time that I have walked past the real 'Bering' corporate HQ, as well as through that very spot in the park.

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  • In his most recent Scientific American column, Jesse Bering writes about psychology research experiments from the 70s that could have been harmful to the researchers because they made unwitting subjects uncomfortable.

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  • Meanwhile, most of the U.S. has been enjoying an especially mild winter -- although Alaska has had one of the coldest and snowiest on record, and the Bering Sea's ice grew to its second-highest on record in January.

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  • Canada dig explores why nomads settled into villages Many archaeologists believe humans first migrated to North America over the Bering Strait 15,000-to-18,000 years ago.

    Archaeologists Hope to Solve Ancient Mystery


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