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  • Dr. Brattain is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and of the

    Walter H. Brattain - Biography

  • Mr. Brattain said the harbor in Brookings was severely damaged, but that Crescent City's harbor was almost completely destroyed.

    Waves Hit Hawaii, California; One Man Swept to Sea

  • Dan Brattain, the president of Cal-Ore Life Flight, an air-ambulance service, spent the day flying over Crescent City and Brookings, Ore., just to the north.

    Waves Hit Hawaii, California; One Man Swept to Sea

  • Mr. Shockley won a Nobel Prize that same year, receiving credit as co-inventor of the transistor in 1947 with John Bardeen and Walter Brattain at Bell Labs.

    Buying Tomatoes at the Birthplace of Silicon Valley - Bits Blog -

  • He argued that work he had done in 1945 had sparked their invention, but AT&T's lawyers had filed a patent only on Brattain and Bardeen's device.

    The Transistor

  • On Nov. 21 Bardeen went to Brattain with a new suggestion for making silicon amplify a signal.

    The Transistor

  • Brattain recalled: their transistor boosted power 450 percent.

    The Transistor

  • Brattain and Bardeen tried every variation they could think of to better their results.

    The Transistor

  • In 1956 Brattain, Bardeen and Shockley shared the Nobel in physics.

    The Transistor

  • When Brattain shined a light on the treated silicon, a larger current flowed than from untreated silicon (silicon was known to produce a current in response to light; today that is the basis for solar cells).

    The Transistor


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