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  • Bruce, Blanche Kelso 1841-1898. American political leader who was the first African-American politician to serve a full term in the U.S. Senate (1875-1881).
  • Bruce, Sir David 1855-1931. Australian physician and bacteriologist known for his description (1887) of the bacterium that causes undulant fever, or brucellosis.
  • Bruce, Lenny Originally Leonard Alfred Schneider. 1926-1966. American comedian whose scathing, often obscene humor strongly influenced later comics.
  • Bruce, Robert the See Robert I2.
  • Bruce, Stanley Melbourne. First Viscount Bruce of Melbourne. 1883-1967. Australian politician who was prime minister (1923-1929) and a delegate (1933-1936) to the League of Nations.

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  • proper n. A Scottish surname, most notably of Robert the Bruce.
  • proper n. A male given name transferred from the surname.

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  • n. Australian physician and bacteriologist who described the bacterium that causes undulant fever or brucellosis (1855-1931)
  • n. king of Scotland from 1306 to 1329; defeated the English army under Edward II at Bannockburn and gained recognition of Scottish independence (1274-1329)


From a Norman place name, of disputed meaning. (Wiktionary)


  • BONNIE DUGGAN, NEIGHBOR OF BRUCE IVINS: We asked Bruce if we could borrow his chainsaw and instead of loaning it to us he came down and cut them, wearing his full protective gear, the helmet, the eye protection, the ear protection.

    CNN Transcript Aug 2, 2008

  • BONNIE DUGGAN, NEIGHBOR OF BRUCE IVINS: And we asked Bruce if we could borrow his chainsaw.

    CNN Transcript Aug 1, 2008

  • BONNIE DUGGAN, NEIGHBOR OF BRUCE IVINS: We knew that Bruce worked at Fort Detrick.

    CNN Transcript Aug 2, 2008


    CNN Transcript Aug 1, 2008

  • this is a movie for BRUCE CAMPBELL fans…we will absolutely love it…if you dont like Bruce, then dont go see the movie numbnuts…now thats easy enough to understand, yeah?

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  • I first came across the name Bruce Blair in connection with the so-called doomsday device—not the mythical one featured in the movie Dr. Strangelove, but the real one, the one the Soviets, and now the Russians, have installed as the heart of their nuclear command and control system.

    How the End Begins

  • A few moments later she reappeared carrying a book with the title Bruce and a picture of a collie on the cover.

    Born to Bark

  • Artha was dressed in full bowling regalia: tight light-green-and-white-checked pedal pushers and a pink bowling shirt with the name Bruce stitched on the pocket.

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  • A lot of people blame "activist judges" (a term Bruce doesn't use at all).

    Xpatriated Texan

  • Money market mutual funds were still a gleam in Bruce Bent's eye.

    Fundline: Best fund for past 50 years turned $100 into $49,000


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