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  • Burchfield, Charles Ephraim 1893-1967. American painter whose works, usually in watercolor, include landscapes and somber urban scenes.


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  • Modern English Usage, edited by Robert Burchfield, is an excellent updating of the classic; it states that the apostrophe with numbers and abbreviations is

    2 posts from January 2006

  • As Robert Burchfield wrote in The English Language, “it is best to assume ... that no single word in the [English] language is a stable, unchanging, and immutable legacy from the past, however fixed, dependable, and definable it may seem at any time.”

    Catachresis and the amusing, awful and artificial cathedral

  • In 1985, the renowned lexicographer Robert Burchfield said:

    The strange case of the disappearing apostrophes

  • By the way, the practice of dropping apostrophes from business names and institutions has been going on since around 1900, according to Robert Burchfield.

    So where can language snobs get their doughnuts? « Motivated Grammar

  • CHARLES BURCHFIELD, The Moth and the Thunderclap, 1961, Watercolor and charcoal on paper, 36 x 48 inches, Courtesy Charles E. Burchfield Foundation

    Peter Frank: Blague d'Art: Moving Pictures, Frozen Music

  • "Sensory Crossovers" makes the opposite mistake, taking a New Mexicentric viewpoint that privileges Georgia O'Keeffe and her Stieglitzian friends (Arthur Dove, Helen Torr, Charles Demuth, Burchfield), for instance, or the Taos couple Louis Ribak and Beatrice Mandelman over equally apposite practitioners such as Fischinger and Russell.

    Peter Frank: Blague d'Art: Moving Pictures, Frozen Music

  • Now you can see his work in this beautiful show of nearly 40 large watercolors and drawings (as well as in the Whitney Museum's Burchfield retrospective, on view through Oct. 17).

    Landscapes, Inner and Outer

  • Sometimes I feel that Burchfield should have embraced more fully his impulse to explore the surreal.

    Landscapes, Inner and Outer

  • Burchfield refers to “Where are you at?” as a tautologous regional usage.

    2008 August « Motivated Grammar

  • With a park system by Frederick Law Olmsted, Louis Sullivan's Guaranty Building, a concert hall by Eero Saarinen, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and the new Burchfield-Penny Art Center, Buffalo's citizens already have a lot to be proud of.

    Buffalo's Wright Stuff


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