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  • Cecil, (Edgar Algernon) Robert. First Viscount Cecil of Chelwood. 1864-1958. British public official who helped draft the League of Nations Covenant and was president of the League of Nations Union (1923-1945). He won the 1937 Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Cecil, Robert. First Viscount Cranborne and First Earl of Salisbury. 1563?-1612. English statesman who helped secure the throne for James I after the death of Elizabeth I (1603).
  • Cecil, Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne. Third Marquis of Salisbury. 1830-1903. British politician who was foreign minister under Benjamin Disraeli and prime minister (1885-1892 and 1895-1902).
  • Cecil, William. First Baron Burghley or Burleigh. 1520-1598. English statesman and chief adviser to Elizabeth I. He persuaded the queen to execute Mary Queen of Scots.

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  • proper n. A male given name.
  • proper n. A surname.


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From Latin Caecilius, a Roman family name derived from caecus ("blind"). The surname has absorbed the Old Welsh given name Seisyllt, from Latin Sextilius, from Sextus.



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