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  • Cook, Frederick Albert 1865-1940. American physician and Arctic explorer who announced that he had reached the North Pole in 1908, a claim that was rejected by the scientific community.
  • Cook, James Known as "Captain Cook.” 1728-1779. British navigator and explorer who commanded three major voyages of discovery, charting and naming many islands of the Pacific Ocean. He also sailed along the coast of North America as far north as the Bering Strait.
  • MountCook The highest mountain, 3,766.4 m (12,349 ft), of New Zealand, on South Island in the Southern Alps.
  • MountCook A peak, 4,196.8 m (13,760 ft) high, in the St. Elias Mountains on the border between Alaska and Yukon Territory, Canada.

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  • proper n. An English surname.


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An occupational surname for a cook, or a seller of cooked food.


  • D. COOK: My name is D.vid Cook and I'm 24, from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    CNN Transcript May 25, 2008

  • Great cook and photographer Haalo from Cook almost Anything At Least Once had a post with two recipes that looked great for South Beach eaters.

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  • Finally, from talented cook and photographer L. of the newly re-designed Cook and Eat comes My Favorite Pork and Beans.

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  • True, I love to cook and eat! and the only cookbook of hers that I own, The Way to Cook, is fabulous.

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  • We haven't lit the cook fires yet this morning, and Cook was so upset I gave her the day off, so it may take me awhile.

    Dragons of a Fallen Sun

  • "Now for goodness sake, keep out of my way while I cook the lunch, " said Cook, to the children milling round her kitchen.

    Five Have A Mystery To Solve

  • And the cook who prepares them for the table is not Nora or Maggie, but Cook, and if she does other work in addition she is not a girl for general housework, but a cook-general, and not help, but a servant.

    Chapter 4. American and English Today. 2. Differences in Usage

  • On returning it was found the clerk had purchased a fish, something like a sun-fish; and as the artist was engaged in drawing and describing it, the cook took the liver and roe for supper in the cabin, with the result that Cook and the Forsters were nearly poisoned, and were only cured by the most careful attention of the surgeon.

    The Life of Captain James Cook


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