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  • Cotton, John 1584-1652. English-born American cleric who was vicar of Saint Botolph's Church in England until he was summoned to court for his Puritanism. He fled to Boston, Massachusetts, where he became a civil and religious leader.

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  • proper n. The name of several settlements around the world
  • proper n. A habitational surname.
  • proper n. A surname.


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Old English cot-tūn ("cottage farmstead"), from cot ("cottage") + tūn ("homestead")

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Hebrew קָתָן (katan, "small")


  • But whether or not it be possible to raise cotton and sugar profitably in Illinois, that she is the great bread - and meat-producing State no one can doubt; and in 1861 it happens that Cotton is King no longer, but must yield his sceptre to Corn.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 07, No. 43, May, 1861 Creator

  • For details of the dyes for cotton reference may be made to the sections on dyeing with the direct colours in the companion volume to this book on _Dyeing of Cotton

    The Dyeing of Woollen Fabrics

  • And earlier he had urged that "the New England Cotton Manufacturers 'Association turn itself into an emigration society pro tem. for the purpose of securing the occupation of the Southern cotton land" (The Storing and Marketing of Cotton, reprint from Transactions of New England Cotton Manufacturers 'Assn., vol. 77, p. 19 ff.).

    The Rise of Cotton Mills in the South

  • Local cotton growers have not met with Santana as of late March, said Webb Wallace, executive director of the Cotton and Grain Producers of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

    Brownsville Herald :

  • Funded by America's cotton producers and importers through the cotton check-off, the program's research and promotion activities are conducted worldwide by Cotton

    Southeast Farm Press RSS Feed

  • Yes, Bamboo towels cost more than cotton, however, Rayon fibers from Bamboo are stronger than Cotton, plus they feel so luxurious.


  • Santana's presence could lead to a rebirth of cotton production in the Valley if it decides to purchase from local growers, said Webb Wallace, the executive director of the Cotton and

    The Monitor :

  • The effect of heavy rain on the state's cotton yields will depend on weather in coming weeks, David Bone, communications manager for industry group Cotton -- Top News

  • I like the idea of the cotton importance and history in Egypt, I do not need to say that it made me so sad because this year Egypt is no longer from the main producers of Cotton in the world thanks to our government's decisions!!

    Qwaider Planet

  • THE COTTON KINGDOM: A Traveler's Observations on Cotton and Slavery in the American Slave States.

    The Continental Monthly, Vol. 1, No. 1, January 1862 Devoted to Literature and National Policy


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