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  • Dalton, John 1766-1844. British chemist whose pioneer work on the properties of gases led to his formulation of the atomic theory. He also studied his own condition of colorblindness.
  • Dalton, Robert 1867-1892. American outlaw noted for his exploits as a horse thief, train robber, and leader of the Dalton gang, which included his two brothers.

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  • proper n. Any of several places in the north of England and in Scotland
  • proper n. A habitational surname.
  • proper n. John Dalton, English chemist.
  • proper n. A male given name transferred from the surname.
  • n. a former unit of atomic mass equivalent to 1/16 the mass of an oxygen atom; now replaced by the atomic mass unit (or dalton)


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Old English dæl “valley” + tun “settlement”.



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