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  • Dubos, René Jules 1901-1982. French-born American bacteriologist noted for his research on natural antibiotics, tuberculosis, and environmental factors in disease.


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  • René Dubos informs us, In New York, it was reported, some houses could be reached only by wading through refuse that had accumulated to a depth of two or three feet.

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • Dubos, Health and Disease New York: Time, 1965, 53.

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • The promise of soil as a source of disease-killing substances also attracted the scientists Rene Dubos and Selman Waksman.


  • Clancy Dubos, on the other hand, said that (while he didn't know for sure who put the mayoral aspirations in Bernazzani's head) there were a "gaggle of Uptown swells blowing smoke up his butt".

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • Update: Gambit Daily's Clancy Dubos interrupts his vacation in the Big Sky state to blog about the latest Derrick Shepherd episode.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • At the Gambit Daily blog, Clancy Dubos concisely explains the shenanigans going on under Entergy's corporate umbrella which Councilmember Midura is vigorously opposing.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • Update #2: Clancy Dubos writes a bit more about the "gaggle of Uptown swells blowing smoke up [Bernazzani's] butt and telling him what a great mayor he would make".

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • Clancy Dubos makes a compelling case that Cao can Nguyen win.

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • Clancy Dubos unveils a salty blog tongue, and lambastes Jindal and his "implementer", Timmy Teepell, on their handling of the pay raise issue.

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • Also, I wanted to thank Cliff for his contributions to the Education panel, and thank Clancy Dubos for coming to both the Friday and Saturday RT3 events.

    Archive 2008-08-01


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