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  • Edward 1 Known as "the Confessor.” 1003?-1066. King of the English (1042-1066) whose reign was marked by political conflict between Norman and English groups.
  • Edward 2 Prince of Wales. Known as "the Black Prince.” 1330-1376. English soldier during the Hundred Years' War. The eldest son of Edward III, he fought at Crécy (1346) and Poitiers (1356), where the English forces captured John II of France.
  • LakeEdward A lake in the Great Rift Valley of central Africa on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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  • proper n. A male given name.

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  • n. King of England who was crowned at the age of 13 on the death of his father Edward IV but was immediately confined to the Tower of London where he and his younger brother were murdered (1470-1483)
  • n. son of Edward II and King of England from 1327-1377; his claim to the French throne provoked the Hundred Years' War; his reign was marked by an epidemic of the Black Plague and by the emergence of the House of Commons as the powerful arm of British Parliament (1312-1377)
  • n. King of England and Ireland from 1547 to 1553; son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour; died of tuberculosis (1537-1553)
  • n. King of England from 1272 to 1307; conquered Wales (1239-1307)
  • n. King of England from 1307 to 1327 and son of Edward I; was defeated at Bannockburn by the Scots led by Robert the Bruce; was deposed and died in prison (1284-1327)
  • n. King of England and Ireland in 1936; his marriage to Wallis Warfield Simpson created a constitutional crisis leading to his abdication (1894-1972)
  • n. King of England from 1461 to 1470 and from 1471 to 1483; was dethroned in 1470 but regained the throne in 1471 by his victory at the battle of Tewkesbury (1442-1483)
  • n. King of England from 1901 to 1910; son of Victoria and Prince Albert; famous for his elegant sporting ways (1841-1910)
  • n. third son of Elizabeth II (born in 1964)
  • n. son of Edward III who defeated the French at Crecy and Poitiers in the Hundred Years' War (1330-1376)


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From Old English Ēadweard, from eād ("rich") + weard ("guard").


  • Capell, Edward, reprint of _Edward III_ in his 'Prolusions,' 71 224 his edition of Shakespeare, 319 his works on the poet, 320

    A Life of William Shakespeare with portraits and facsimiles

  • Against the _Despencers_, father and son, the next favorites of Edward, the barons were not at first successful; but in 1326 Edward's queen, _Isabel_, who had joined his enemies, returned from France with young _Edward_, Prince of

    Outline of Universal History

  • POINT EDWARD -- Point Edward, its village fire chief and a training officer have been charged under Ontario's workplace safety law in the death of a firefighter who became trapped during an ice-water rescue training exercise.

    London Free Press

  • Loved the book, but the movie was painfully boring. the dynamic between bella and edward was lost in cheesy situations, although I have to say Edward is as handsome in the book as it is in the movie .. mwuah!

    Entertainment Weekly's Hollywood Insider

  • I think Robbert Pattinson is perfect for edward he's really hot as Edward also and i don't care if people think hes not right i think he's PERFECT!!!!

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  • Jake wouldn't let anything happen to her and would never hurt her. besides that's not an issue by the time that edward comes back because the pack already accepted her. and Edward was being WAY to controlling when he dismantled her truck. in the beginning he didn't want her to to ANYWHERE near Jacob.

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  • TEAM EDWARD!! no offense to people on team Jacob i think hes awesome but its just hes gonna imprint one day and it will be a whole other Sam, Emily, Leah episode agian and Edward really really cares for Bella.

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  • TEAM EDWARD OF COURSE orii Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 10: 22 PM EST ok, it's pretty obvious that the whole twilight series point is the complicated and beautiful love between Edward and Bella, so i go Team Edward, not just because of that, there's so many more things ..

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  • TEAM EDWARD 4eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so obsessed isn't not even funny i hate read twilight 4 times!!!! and i can't read or get into any other books by any other author all though the summoning was really good it didn't have an Edward but still a very good book u guys should try it out!!!!!

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  • She is complletly in love with EDward in the 1 book, its not till 2 book after Edward leaves that see starts to like jake at all!!!!

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