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  • Flammarion, Camille 1842-1925. French astronomer who founded the French Astronomical Society (1887).


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  • Her Darcy Flammarion stories, featuring an albino teenager who speaks to angels and slays monsters lurking in human guise, are crafted extremely well and her novel length works, particularly her latest, The Red Tree, are fabulous.

    Notes from my Bubble (1)

  • Hell, if I were a truly wealthy bear, I'd be hiring her to do a Dancy Flammarion sculpture.

    "Rendered unto night, creation torn asunder."

  • So, remember that next month Subterranean Press will be releasing the trade paperback edition of Alabaster, which collects all the Dancy Flammarion stories (except for "Highway 97"), complete with all Ted Naifeh's artwork.

    Howard Hughes vs. the Winter Without End, Amen, Amen

  • Yesterday's biggest surprise (if a story fails to surprise me, I see no reason to be telling it) was learning that not only is "Houndwife" a sort of sequel to HPL's "The Hound" (1922), but that it's also tied to my own "Les Fleurs Empoisonnées" (2001), one of the Dancy Flammarion stories.

    Ostara '10

  • Also, yesterday, there were two emails imploring me to write more stories about Dancy Flammarion.

    Oh LJ, how I have neglected thee.

  • Just to be clear, a few days back, I did not say I'd be writing new Dancy Flammarion stories.

    Entry #2,290

  • It fits fine amid exquisite examples of the horologist's craft in 'The Mastery of Time' Flammarion, 455 pages, $95, a lush collection that includes ancient sundials, ship's chronometers, room-size clocks with life-size automata, and dozens of the finest wrist and pocket watches ever devised.

    Unwinding Time

  • Mr. Kerviel sold about 50,000 copies of his book at € 19.90 apiece, according to his French publisher Flammarion.

    Rogue French Trader Sentenced to 3 Years

  • Instead, the book from Paris talked about a completely different conflict: the one which, according to philosopher Elisabeth Badinter, exists today between the figure of the mother and that of the woman (the complete title is Le Conflit: La Femme et la Mere, Editions Flammarion).

    Juliet Linley: Is Motherhood Undermining Female Empowerment?

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    Superhero Prose Fiction: Dancy Flammarion - 2 Bainbridge


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