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  • MountForaker A peak, 5,307 m (17,400 ft) high, in the Alaska Range of south-central Alaska.


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  • Julia Foraker, a political wife of the Gilded Age, was born in rural Ohio in 1847, when, as she puts it, the only careers available to a woman were "the home or invalidism."

    Little-Known Gold From the Gilded Age

  • Of course, much has changed in American politics since the time of Grover Cleveland, Thomas B. Reed, William Jennings Bryan and Foraker's husband, Joseph, a U.S. senator from Ohio.

    Little-Known Gold From the Gilded Age

  • In Foraker's telling, someone is "laconically murdered," a preacher works up a "pulpit sweat" and—slyly—"husbands know best; that is understood."

    Little-Known Gold From the Gilded Age

  • "There are so many unknowns commercially," said Scott Foraker , who heads Amgen's year-old biosimilars unit.

    FDA Sets Path for Biotech Drug Copies

  • When Senator Joseph Foraker of Ohio proposed a bill to allow them to reenlist, Roosevelt denied the effort and turned Foraker into an enemy.


  • Unfortunately for Foraker, Judge Judy is not impressed with his "neckwork," his designer haircut, his nimble face, or indeed any of it, and she decides against him.

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  • Foraker, who is a study in childish facial expressions, flashes his best look of indignant "hipster" incredulity:

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  • Villanella and Foraker are a case in point--or at least they will be in a few years.

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  • Foraker claims the two were arguing, the argument got physical, and they knocked a candle from the nightstand onto the bed:

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  • Anyway, Villanella and Foraker are bike messengers who are roommates in Brooklyn--or at least they used to be before Villanella's mattress was set on fire and his fixie stolen, both of which he blames on Foraker.

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