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  • Fresnel, Augustin Jean 1788-1827. French physicist who supported the wave theory of light, investigated polarized light, and developed a compound lens for use in lighthouses.

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  • n. French physicist who invented polarized light and invented the Fresnel lens (1788-1827)


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  • A number of scientists provided the theoretical and experimental framework to demonstrate that light has wavelike properties, notable among them Thomas Young, Josef Fraunhofer and Augustin Fresnel.

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  • Areva Solar makes linear fresnel reflector CLFR panels, also known as Fresnel lenses, and solar steam generators for standalone solar farms.


  • Even the best x-ray microscope lenses (concentric circles of metal known as Fresnel zone plates), can't focus x-rays with high efficiency, so to get an image means using such intense radiation that it more quickly damages biological specimens. - latest science and technology news stories

  • In real life, many surfaces exhibit what is called Fresnel reflectivity, which means they are not at all shiny when viewed straight on, but become increasingly reflective when viewed at an angle.

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  • Ausra utilizes quite inexpensive 40-foot-long flat plate mirrors known as Fresnel reflectors to focus the sun's rays directly on the water pipes and thus boiling the water to run the steam turbines, which will then generate electricity. solar power plants use structures with curved mirrors to focus sunlight onto tubes of oil.

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  • Microwave connections, generally operating between 3 and 20GHz, have something called a Fresnel Zone, within which any physical clutter causes problems.

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  • It exists – it’s called a Fresnel lens – and will work for regular books too..

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  • "Fresnel," he said, quietly, "if, as you say, the gallows claim me, the thing that has brought me to this extremity arises out of the shooting of Mabey.


  • Stefan Enoch and his team at the Fresnel Institute in Marseilles, France have been studying other applications for the physics behind invisibility cloaks.

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  • This lamp served until 1822, when Dain purchased one of the first Fresnel refracting lenses to become available.

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