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  • Galba, Servius Sulpicius 3 B.C.-A.D. 69. Emperor of Rome (68-69) who was assassinated after naming an unpopular successor.

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  • n. In zoology:
  • n. A genus made to include such species of Limnæa as L. palustris.
  • n. A genus of arachnidans.
  • n. A supposed genus of worms.
  • n. A genus of sternoxine beetles, of the family Eucnemidæ, having a few species, all of the Malay archipelago.
  • n. [lowercase] The wood of Calophyllum calaba, a large tree of Trinidad. It is strong and durable, and one of the best woods of the region.


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  • At eight miles distance, in a westerly direction, is the village of Galba, which is a very fertile soil, the farms being in high cultivation, the ground clear of timber, and numbers of sheep and oxen seen grazing in its fields.

    Narrative of a Voyage to India; of a Shipwreck on board the Lady Castlereagh; and a Description of New South Wales

  • Ten died in a natural way; and if among those who were murdered there may have been some good men, such as Galba and Pertinax, they were killed by that corruption that his predecessors had left among the soldiers.


  • Cicero.] [Footnote 236: The old story is well told by Ovidius (_Metamorphoses, _ iii. 14, &c.)] [Footnote 237: A temple of the Muses.] [Footnote 238: Kaltwasser has followed the reading "Gallus" in his version, though, as he remarks in a note, this man is called Galba by

    Plutarch's Lives, Volume II

  • In addition, the statue erected to honour his triumph was destroyed by his successor, Galba.

    Diocles the Roman charioteer runs rings round Usain Bolt's £21m deal

  • The legions on the Rhine refused to swear allegiance to him, and Galba was murdered on 15 January by the praetorian guard.

    Caesars’ Wives

  • When Vespasian himself became emperor at the age of sixty he, like Galba, was a widower, having buried a wife, Flavia Domitilla, and a daughter, Domitilla.

    Caesars’ Wives

  • The story has slight variations according to different accounts: compare Pliny the Elder, Natural History, 15.136–37 and Suetonius, Galba, 1.1.

    Caesars’ Wives

  • I would not expect them to last very long, much like the successors to Nero (Galba **, Otho **, Vitellius **).

    January 26, 2008

  • Marcus is replacing Galba Brassidias, a career Roman soldier who has spent his life at the wall and resents being replaced for political reasons by someone with less experience.

    Dusk Before the Dawn » 2007 » March

  • From now on, say that Valentine's day is named after Syrynx, the palace prostitute of the Roman Emperors Galba, Otho, and Vitellius (during the Year of the Three Emperors).

    Archive 2007-02-01


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