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  • Golgi, Camillo 1844?-1926. Italian histologist. He shared a 1906 Nobel Prize for research on the structure of the nervous system.

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  • n. Italian histologist noted for work on the structure of the nervous system and for his discovery of Golgi bodies (1844-1926)


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  • He tried to soften the weak points in Golgi's contributions and quoted passages from evaluations done by Holmgren during the earlier years that were in support of Golgi.

    How Golgi Shared the 1906 Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Cajal

  • Here thousands of mRNA are at work making proteins that upon completion are swallowed by the ER, a portion of which then pinches off, forming a pouch called the Golgi apparatus.


  • The protein being studied is known as Golgi Protein-73 (GP73), which was first discovered in Dr. Fimmel's lab in 1998.

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  • But Kreidberg and colleagues show that in PKD, c-Met is never tagged, because the molecule that does the tagging get trapped inside a structure in the cell known as the Golgi apparatus.

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  • Using two lines of mice - one missing semaphorin and another missing neuropilin, its receptor - postdoctoral fellow Tracy Tran used a classic staining method called the Golgi technique to look at the anatomy of nerve cells from mouse brains.


  • Nmnat2 is metabolic enzyme situated in part of the cell known as the Golgi, and now the Babraham group also finds it in axons.


  • Proteins to be exported are passed to the Golgi apparatus, sometimes called a Golgi body or Golgi complex, for further processing, packaging, and transport to a variety of other cellular locations.

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  • While apoptosis had been thought to be directed solely by the nucleus and mitochondria of cells for about a decade, Dr. Shields 'laboratory showed it for the first time that a cellular organelle called the Golgi apparatus also plays a role in apoptosis. News Feed

  • Dr. Shields 'laboratory was the first to show that a cellular organelle known as the Golgi apparatus also plays a role in apoptosis.

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  • Her observations contradicted some longstanding ideas about how some newly made proteins make their way through a structure known as the Golgi complex en route to being secreted out of the cell.

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