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  • Gordon, Charles George Known as "Chinese Gordon.” 1833-1885. British army officer who took part in the capture of Peking (Beijing) in 1860 and commanded the Chinese force that quashed the Taiping Rebellion (1863-1864).

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  • proper n. A surname.
  • proper n. Any of several places, outside Scotland named for persons with the surname.
  • proper n. A male given name transferred from the surname. Popular in the UK in the first half of the 20th century.


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From a Scottish surname which was originally descended of a place name that means ‘spacious fort’.


  • GRUMBLING GORDON: Robby Gordon wasn't pleased with Michael Waltrip after contact with the No. 55 Toyota sent Gordon into the wall.

    Rocky Mount Telegram - Business

  • BEN GORDON, Detroit: Bucks coach Scott Skiles still has immense respect for Gordon, who often played a starring role for him when Skiles was coach of the Chicago Bulls.

  • The Blairite MP Stephen Byers led ­others questioning Brown's leadership, warning: "I think on Monday Labour MPs will be considering a very important question - is Gordon Brown a winner, or is ­Gordon Brown a loser?"

    Elections - fresh news by

  • What gordon is actually saying is that Gordon is hurt by bad publicity and gordon does not give a shit about the low waged / paid.

    British Blogs

  • Gordon, that would be ~10. 7x Zoom (not 10.1), if my calculator is to be trusted;) @Gordon - Also a Ricoh fan (another GR Digital owner) but while I think the CX2 improves an already great camera, feel features such as 'minaturize mode' are more (while nice) gimmick's than useful.

    TrustedReviews Site-wide Feed

  • All I would need is for some of my old friends from Texas to see my picture listed next to the name Gordon Nichols.

    Love Undercover

  • On the last morning of the term Gordon and Tester lolled back in their comfortable chairs.

    The Loom of Youth

  • The fresh harassment arrived under the title Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live

    Slate Magazine

  • I had chosen the 29th Punjab Infantry to lead the way, on account of the high reputation of Colonel John Gordon, who commanded it, and because of the excellent character the regiment had always borne; but on overtaking it my suspicions were excited by the unnecessarily straggling manner in which the men were marching, and to which I called Gordon's attention.

    Forty-one years in India From Subaltern To Commander-In-Chief

  • The name "Gordon" now barely registers on the list, occupying 2,036th place in the rankings. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph


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