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  • n. Scottish writer and sister of Richard Haldane and John Haldane (1862-1937)
  • n. Scottish statesman and brother of Elizabeth and John Haldane (1856-1928)
  • n. Scottish geneticist (son of John Haldane) who contributed to the development of population genetics; a popularizer of science and a Marxist (1892-1964)
  • n. Scottish physiologist and brother of Richard Haldane and Elizabeth Haldane; noted for research into industrial diseases (1860-1936)


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  • Thus a real scientist like Professor J.B.S. Haldane is at pains to point out that popular ideas of Evolution lay a wholly unjustified emphasis on those changes which have rendered creatures (by human standards) 'better' or more interesting.

    C.S. Lewis on Evolutionism (the Myth)

  • He concludes that Haldane is the likely source of exactly the phrase "inordinate fondness for beetles" or something similar.

    Full disclosure (sort of) ...

  • Haldane is said to have replied, that the Creator had "an inordinate fondness for beetles."

    Full disclosure (sort of) ...

  • ‘The Commander-in-Chief has an aide-de-camp of the name of Haldane, who was in the Gordon Highlanders with me.


  • Known as the Haldane Cup, the award has been given each year since 1945.

    Brotherhood of Heroes

  • He would remain in seclusion also; he would burn midnight oil until he should come to be known as Haldane the brilliant writer instead of Haldane the gambler, drunkard, and thief.

    A Knight of the Nineteenth Century

  • "Haldane," they exclaimed, "you are much too entertaining a fellow for one to meet when there's a train to be caught."

    A Knight of the Nineteenth Century

  • He reluctantly concluded that there is a serious problem here, now known as Haldane’s Dilemma.

    Haldane's non-dilemma - The Panda's Thumb

  • In the middle of the firestorm on Thursday, Andy Haldane, the Bank of England's executive director for financial stability, published a paper warning that markets might be too pessimistic because of "psychological scarring" left by the credit crunch – but the sell-off went on.

    So what do we do now, chancellor?

  • In a provocative paper that the commission should adopt as its founding text, Bank of England director Andrew Haldane earlier this year offered some preliminary quantitative arguments for breaking up the banks.

    This Looks Like a Rather Damp Squib


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