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  • Heisenberg, Werner Karl 1901-1976. German physicist and a founder of quantum mechanics. He won a 1932 Nobel Prize for his uncertainty principle.

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  • n. German mathematical physicist noted for stating the uncertainty principle (1901-1976)


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  • Biologist Martin Heisenberg writes an article for Nature which purports to address the issue of free will, but ultimately does nothing of the kind.

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  • The litany of Kepler, Descartes, Pascal, Newton, Faraday, Einstein, Schrodinger, and Heisenberg is not a roll call of scientific materialists but of mystics and Pythagoreans. for those who land themselves fixedly on one side of this fence or the other, this is not an either/or situation we find ourselves in, my friends. it is both/and.


  • It†™ s making Bohr into Newton†™ s bitch in Heisenberg†™ s backyard. ” Bruce involuntarily flashed his trim the bright green of a suppressed laugh. “And even if I†™ m right, there†™ s no way I can prove it in a physical lab setting.

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  • The culprit that contributes most to all of this confusion is best explained by what is known as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, an insight originally articulated in 1927 by Werner Heisenberg, a Nobel laureate in physics and a man of unquestionable genius.

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  • These different kinds of motion for atoms and molecules produce different systems in Heisenberg's quantum mechanics.

    Nobel Prize in Physics 1932 and 1933 - Presentation Speech

  • Once a blowhard DEA agent who provided comic relief, Hank's bulldoglike search for the meth maker known as Heisenberg has taken the character through a dark battle with post-traumatic stress disorder and, most recently, left him bedridden after being shot by two assassins sent by the Mexican drug cartel.

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  • After initially dismissing it and not making the connection between it and Heisenberg aka Walt, he finally flips through the notebook at the end, leading him even closer to Walt and Jesse.

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  • “I remember at the time,” he said, “you felt the Heisenberg was a prototype.”


  • Mario Napolitano of the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona, Spain, and colleagues have now demonstrated a way to break this so-called Heisenberg limit. News

  • If the photons in the laser beam are observed by a third party, the particles themselves will be altered due to a law of physics called the Heisenberg

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