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  • Herrick, Robert 1591-1674. English lyric poet whose sensuous, simple works, such as "Delight in Disorder” (1648), are marked by his affinity for Latin verse and the influence of Ben Jonson. He is considered the greatest Cavalier poet.

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  • n. English lyric poet (1591-1674)


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  • Without saying a disparaging word Herrick appeared to belittle the efforts made by Owen and his fellows to enlighten the world; and since everyone knows that the criticism of a non-worker is a hundred times more irritating than that of a co-operator, Owen may be excused for finding Herrick uncongenial.

    The Making of a Soul

  • The most upsetting thing of all, though, was the change that had come over him suddenly at breakfast, just after he had read aloud the name Herrick -- a name he had seemed not free from memory of when her tongue was betrayed into speaking it -- and the name Penderfield.

    Somehow Good

  • Hence the memorial poetry prize spearheaded by Letras Latinas of the Institute for Latino Studies at Notre Dame, hence the following poem in Herrick’s debut collection of poetry:

    Wednesday Shout Out : Rigoberto González : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • When she moved, her dress, recalling Herrick, seemed to melt about her as if she were clad in molten gold.

    Tied Up in Tinsel

  • "I calc'lated if I didn't git this 'ere coffin here purty quick there wouldn't be no gettin' it here yet awhile," called Herrick cheerfully, as Jim came to the door.

    Across the Years

  • The _locus classicus_ of depreciation both in regard to him and to Herrick is to be found, as might be expected, in one of the greatest, and one of the most wilfully capricious and untrustworthy of English critics, in Hazlitt.

    A History of Elizabethan Literature

  • In response, Marcy Croft of Jackson, Miss. called Herrick's motion "a thinly veiled ploy to force defendants to consider for settlement thousands of meritless, and likely fraudulent, non-malignant, screened claims."

    Madison County Record

  • Munger tried calling Herrick at his workplace earlier Monday but didn't reach him.

  • Poems such as Herrick's to the Babe of Bethlehem reveal in their writers

    Christmas in Ritual and Tradition, Christian and Pagan

  • The contrast between the chief Anglican and Catholic religious poets of this period has been thus expressed by a discerning critic: 'Herrick's religious emotions are only as ripples on a shallow lake when compared to the crested waves of Crashaw, the storm-tides of Herbert, and the deep-sea stirrings of Vaughan.'

    A History of English Literature


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