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  • Himmler, Heinrich 1900-1945. German Nazi leader. Second in power to Hitler, he directed the Nazi elite forces, the SS (1929-1945); commanded the Third Reich's police and secret police, the Gestapo (1936-1945); and coordinated the operation of the concentration and extermination camps (1941-1945). Captured by the British, he killed himself.

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  • n. German Nazi who was chief of the SS and the Gestapo and who oversaw the genocide of six million Jews (1900-1945)


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  • Joe Arpaio, the metaphoric Heinrich Himmler, is pondering a run for top dog.

    Think Progress » McCain complains that the United States has yet to ‘pull the trigger’ on Iran.

  • Even if it were true, his close relationship with Hitler himself and Himmler is beyond dispute.

    Wonk Room » Dershowitz: Palestinians ‘Played A Significant Role In The Holocaust’

  • The difference is that Rattigan sees them from the vantage-point of a classics master, Andrew Crocker-Harris, who on the eve of his retirement learns that he was secretly known as the Himmler of the Lower Fifth and that he faces a pensionless future with his vindictive but equally lonely wife.

    South Downs/The Browning Version – review

  • In "Der Architekt (The Architect)," from 1997, Albert Speer is a clumsy skier on holiday; in "Himmler" (1998), the SS chief is seen mostly in shadow, a sliver of his neutral facial expression hinting at the menace within.

    Belgium's Unifying Force

  • Birmingham uses the situation for humour to good effect on several occasions, such as Himmler using grandiose musical accompaniment to his PowerPoint presentations using a captured laptop and later berating Microsoft for its badly-programmed products.

    Designated Targets by John Birmingham

  • Prior knowledge of those events is not necessary, as Bernd Eichinger's screenplay seamlessly introduces the important historical players such as Himmler, Speer and Goebbels, and places the viewer viscerally in the midst of a Berlin in ruins as the Red Army bears down.

    Archive 2006-03-01

  • I'm sorry because I have deserved the nickname of "Himmler" and because by so doing I have degraded the noblest calling that a man can follow -- the care and molding of the young.

    Movie Speech

  • Among the NBC writers, Ross has always been known as Himmler – because he’s the guy who exterminates anyone the company wants out of the way.

    The Pursuit of Happiness

  • When anti-Semitic statements come from Islamist political figures like Husseini, they don't receive the same kind of condemnation that identical statements would receive if voiced by anti-Semites by his former friends and comrades in Nazi Berlin, such as Himmler and officials in Ribbentrop's Auswaertiges Amt [the German Foreign Office].

    Harry's Place

  • Barry "Himmler" Obama mocked John McCain for claiming that the administration's $700 billion bailout plan lacked the votes to pass.

    Hennessy's View


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