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  • Hindenburg, Paul von 1847-1934. German general and politician who as president of the Weimar Republic (1925-1934) appointed Adolf Hitler as chancellor (1933).

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  • n. German field marshal and statesman; as president of the Weimar Republic he reluctantly appointed Hitler as chancellor in 1933 (1847-1934)


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  • Army now in all men's mouths because of its gallant and distinguished share in the June and July fighting on the Marne -- were to attack towards Mézières and Metz, while the British Armies struck towards St. Quentin and Cambrai -- in other words, looked onward to the final grapple with the "great fortified zone known as the Hindenburg line."

    Fields of Victory

  • That came later, when Morrison’s audio was tacked onto the film footage, and became what we know as the Hindenburg film.

    The Hindenburg Disaster (1937)

  • “To give you a little idea of what it was like in 1936 and 1937 when the Hindenburg was here and the Navy operated their large airships, Hangar No. 1 was here,” he said, pointing to the spot where the hangar still stands.

    2009 January 04 « Beachwood Historical Alliance

  • No, Jimmy, I’m pretty sure the Hindenburg is the Hindenburg of disasters. » Re: The groom seeing the bride before the wedding

  • At the end of 1916, as a result of a review of the production situation, they had arrived at the so-called Hindenburg Programme.

    The riddle of the Rhine, chemical strategy in peace and war ...

  • Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- This week's plunge in U.S. stocks triggered a technical indicator known as the Hindenburg Omen that may signal a more severe selloff, according to analysts who follow charts to predict market moves. -- Top News

  • The Hindenburg was the largest airship ever built.

    Scientific Blogging

  • I do know anything that combines "Hindenburg" with "Omen" can't be good!

    Dan Solin: The Hindenburg Omen Crashed

  • I think the facination is probably similar to that felt by newsreel audiences watching the 'Hindenburg' disaster.

    The Haters of Roissy 3 : Bad Obsession

  • The old gangs are organizing a new system of defense, building a new kind of Hindenburg line behind which they are dumping their political ammunition.

    Now It Can Be Told


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  • Interestingly, and most people don't know this, the Nazi government insisted that the Zeppelin company put a swastika on the tail fin. The company put it only on one side of the ship. IIRC, when the ship was ordered to fly over the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, the pilot flew in a circle over the gathering as ordered, but turned the ship in such a way that the swastikas were not displayed to the crowd. I honestly can't remember where I read that, but I think it was in the book The Great Dirigibles by John Toland. (Excellent book, BTW.)

    P.S. Cool pics of the ship and a short clip of it flying over NYC can be found here.

    November 5, 2010

  • I'm going to tell a political joke now, so if you don't like those, cover your eyes.

    Q: What's the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg?

    A: One is a gigantic Nazi gasbag, and the other is an airship.

    November 2, 2010