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  • Humphrey, Doris 1895-1958. American dancer and choreographer known for developing techniques of fall and recovery.
  • Humphrey, Hubert Horatio 1911-1978. Vice President of the United States (1965-1969) under Lyndon Johnson. He ran unsuccessfully for the presidency in 1968.

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  • proper n. A male given name.
  • proper n. A patronymic surname.


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Name of a French 9th century saint, brought to England by Normans; Proto-Germanic *hūn (“bear cub”) + *frid (“peace”). In Ireland it has been used to Anglicize Irish Amhlaoibh (=Olaf).


  • Yes, Minister was a wonderfully funny British comedy of a generation ago, (some info here and here or google yes minister humphrey) which featured Sir Humphrey Appleby as a senior civil servant (deputy minister) "managing" the Minister, his nominal boss, but who was always outwitted by Sir Humphrey.

    Sir Humphrey and the Boehlert Questions « Climate Audit

  • Tasha Humphrey is a big-time post player who has become a three-point threat.

  • Oh and this submission by a Mr Benjamin Humphrey

    Our picks from the Ubuntu 10.04 wallpaper submissions not chosen

  • Hubert Humphrey is a quintessential example of someone who had a good heart --- and a messed up intellect.

    Sowell on Math and Economics, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • With legs like a pogo stick, Humphrey is the first to the ball off the second and third tip on the boards. - Sports

  • SHORTCOMINGS: The major question surrounding Humphrey is not whether he has power forward skills but power forward size. - Sports

  • Outlook: All-American Tasha Humphrey is back for junior season. - Final 2006 USA TODAY women's coaches' poll

  • Kevin Humphrey at Unplugged Living has started a new feature called Off-the-Grid Vacations which focuses on “… actual resorts, hotels, etc that are completely energy self-sufficient.”

    Take an Off-Grid Vacation in Mexico

  • Although Stossel offers convincing evidence that Ted Kennedy did not want Shriver on the Democratic ticket that year, his case that the Paris-based Shriver was even seriously considered by Humphrey is slim indeed.

    Tragedy of Tony Blair

  • It is well known that events surrounding Vietnam (specifically, the likelihood that a peace settlement was imminent) had turned the tide in Humphrey's favor in the weeks before the election — and that the tide turned back at least in part because Republican operatives meddled unethically, trying to persuade the South Vietnamese government to pull back from negotiations with suggestions that a Nixon Administration would generate a more favorable settlement.



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  • JM was delighted to meet Humphrey, the camel without humps.

    May 25, 2011