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  • Kennedy, Anthony M. Born 1936. American jurist who was appointed an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1988.
  • CapeKennedy See Cape Canaveral.
  • Kennedy, Edward Moore Known as "Ted.” Born 1932. American politician. A U.S. senator from Massachusetts (since 1962), he has sponsored national health insurance legislation and been a longtime leader of the Democratic Party.
  • Kennedy, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Former name of Jacqueline Kennedy O·nas·sis (ō-năsˈĭs, ō-näˈsĭs) 1929-1994. First Lady of the United States (1961-1963) as the wife of President John F. Kennedy. She promoted the arts and supervised the redecoration of the White House. Following her husband's assassination she returned to private life and in 1968 married Aristotle Onassis.
  • Kennedy, John Fitzgerald Known as "Jack.” 1917-1963. The 35th President of the United States (1961-1963). A U.S. representative (1947-1953) and senator (1953-1960) from Massachusetts, he became the youngest man elected to the presidency (1960). Kennedy approved the failed invasion of the Bay of Pigs (1961) and forced Khrushchev to remove Soviet missiles from Cuba (1962). He also established the Peace Corps (1961) and advocated civil rights reform. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963.
  • Kennedy, Joseph Patrick 1888-1969. American banker and industrialist who served as ambassador to Great Britain (1937-1940). With his wife, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy (1890-1995), he raised nine children, three of whom became prominent politicians.
  • MountKennedy A peak, 4,241 m (13,905 ft) high, in the St. Elias Mountains of Yukon Territory, Canada, near the Alaskan border. Discovered in 1935, it was named for President John F. Kennedy and climbed for the first time in 1965.
  • Kennedy, Robert Francis Known as "Bobby.” 1925-1968. American politician who served as U.S. attorney general (1961-1964) during the presidency of his brother John F. Kennedy. He was elected to the Senate (1964) and was campaigning for the presidency when he was assassinated in Los Angeles.

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  • proper n. A surname of Irish origin.
  • proper n. A female given name of modern American usage.

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  • n. a large airport on Long Island to the east of New York City
  • n. 35th President of the United States; established the Peace Corps; assassinated in Dallas (1917-1963)


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Derived from the Gaelic Ó Ceannéidigh, "descendant of Head (ceann) + Ugly (éidigh) ".


  • The ROBERT KENNEDY branch of the Kennedy family has always been supporting Hillary Clinton, and feel she's the best candidate to get things done.

    Video: Teddy Kennedy's Speech Endorsing Obama

  • Mary said "The ROBERT KENNEDY branch of the Kennedy family has always been supporting Hillary Clinton, and feel she's the best candidate to get things done."

    Video: Teddy Kennedy's Speech Endorsing Obama

  • As a Minnesotan who has carefully watched Mark kennedy in action since he took office, I think "proud rubber stamp" is how Kennedy used to describe himself (say up to a month or two ago).

    MN-SEN: Paper Hammers GOP Rep. Kennedy For Cooking The Facts In Ad

  • KENNEDY (on camera): Now are you glad to see old Kennedy?

    CNN Transcript Aug 29, 2009

  • P. KENNEDY: Well, Larry, I can say, as a good Kennedy brother, I'm going to be with him 100 percent whenever he chooses to run for -- whatever he wants to run for.

    CNN Transcript Sep 14, 2009

  • DAVID HEYMANN, KENNEDY BIOGRAPHER: She said to Jackie, how do you deal with these, you know, Kennedy men?

    CNN Transcript Aug 26, 2009

  • Worried about headlines on voting day -- KENNEDY SICK -- Dutton prayed that word wouldn't get out, though he knew he could trust the reporters on the campaign plane to protect Kennedy.

    Rfk's Last Campaign

  • IF KENNEDY HAD LIVEDIt's an essential part of Stone's thesis that Kennedy was planning to pull out of Vietnam once he was re-elected.

    Twisted History

  • TED SORENSON, F.RMER JOHN F. KENNEDY ADVISER: Kennedy had very little experience as a chief executive when he became president.

    CNN Transcript May 21, 2008

  • In regards to the KENNEDY REPUBLICAN, what can I say about a supposed man, who's republican nuts had been cut by that Kennedy screw.

    Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Friday


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