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  • Khwarizmi, al- Full name Muhammad ibn-Musa al-Khwarizmi. 780?-850? Arab mathematician and astronomer whose works introduced Arabic numerals and algebraic concepts to Western mathematics. The word algorithm is derived from his name.


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  • However, it has had some celebrated passers-through, from Alexander the Great to Marco Polo, and some famous sons, from the mathematician al-Khwarizmi, who invented algebra, to

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  • "Algoritmi" was a bastardization of Al-Khwarizmi's name.

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  • Al-Khwarizmi was a Persian scientist who wrote a treatise in 825 called "Calculation with Hindu Numerals".

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  • Mr. Freely, a professor of physics and the history of science at Bogazici University in Istanbul, is good on individual scientists, such as the ninth-century mathematician al-Khwarizmi, the inventor of algebra.

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  • The astronomical tables that he later devised were based on the earlier work of al-Khwarizmi.

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  • This was completed by Robert of Chester on the eleventh of February, 1144, a year after he had translated the Koran and a year prior to the completion of his translation of the Algebra of al-Khwarizmi.


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  • In Asad's case, it was the Khwarizmi Science Society, members of which helped him find the materials he needed to make parabolic mirrors. News

  • Isfahan and Tabriz monuments, forget Khwarizmi, forget the whirling dervishes, forget Tusi,


  • Written by the 9th-century mathematician al-Khwarizmi, it sparked many great advances in mathematics, all the way to the all content


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