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  • Lassalle, Ferdinand 1825-1864. German politician. A founder (1863) of the predecessor of the Social Democratic Party, he promoted the political involvement of the working class.


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  • Would we again need to consult Critique of the Gotha Program, or the celebrated attacks on Dühring and Lassalle?

    The Revenge of Karl Marx

  • Ferdinand Lassalle dressed with elegance for his working-men audiences, with the hope, he said, of reminding them that there was something better than their shabbiness.

    The Kempton-Wace Letters

  • Lassalle loathed liberalism on the grounds that it merely replaced the landed aristocracy with a new elite of merchants and professionals; it would lead, he believed, "to a deep immorality and to exploitation" of the poor by the rich.

    The Shrewdest of the Shrewd

  • None of Bismarck's conservative contemporaries could make sense of this relationship, but Bismarck learned from Lassalle clever ways to ­discredit liberalism and what the ­Germans called Manchestertum—the mania for British-style capitalism ­wedded to parliamentary government.

    The Shrewdest of the Shrewd

  • Mr. Steinberg notes that Bismarck's tactical use of democracy drew much from his controversial friendship, in the early 1860s, with the dashing socialist Ferdinand Lassalle.

    The Shrewdest of the Shrewd

  • France's Herve Duclos-Lassalle became the first rider to drop out.

    Valverde victorious in opening stage of Tour de France

  • What I have done in this book … is to unite the truth … of Smith and Ricardo to the truth perceived by … Proudhon and Lassalle; to show that laissez faire … opens the way to a realization of the noble dreams of socialism.

    Herman Daly Festschrift~ Ecological and Georgist Economic Principles~ A Comparison

  • Ferdinand Lassalle did better after 1848 than the others.


  • Lassalle, just twenty when he arrived in Paris, was already a committed communist.


  • Lassalle pursued her rights even though he knew that as a Jew success would come at a price.



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