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  • Laud, William 1573-1645. English prelate who as archbishop of Canterbury (1633-1645) supported Charles I and absolutism in church and state. His attempts to impose High Church doctrine on Protestants in Scotland and England led to his execution for treason by Parliament.


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  • Fellow members of the Monday Club nicknamed him "Golly", for gollywog, a nickname Laud continues to use.

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  • Gentleman's Magazine_ with notices of Bishop Seabury; sermons relating to later bishops of Connecticut; the Scotch Prayer-Book of 1637 (known as Laud's) and its reprint of 1712; Scotch

    Report of Commemorative Services with the Sermons and Addresses at the Seabury Centenary, 1883-1885.

  • _Collectiones Peregrinationum_, in eleven volumes, bound in blue morocco by Derome, five hundred and sixty pounds; Book of Common Prayer, 1637, folio -- King Charles I. 's copy, with numerous alterations in his own handwriting which were used in printing the Scottish Prayer-book of the same year, usually termed Laud's Book.

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  • Harbottle Grimston famously called Laud "the roote and ground of all our miseries and calamities … the sty of all pestilential filth that hath infected the State and Government."

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  • But my friend the advocate, who had daily, with mingled feelings, to read the drafts of my work, found my process-paper so good that he hoped it might raise me into the 'Laud' list.

    Norse Tales and Sketches

  • From an anonymous "Laud" reprinted by Galletti, n.

    Fra Angelico

  • Great authorities, such as Laud or Bramhall, seem to have considered that we only sign the Articles as articles of peace; not as really holding them, but as not opposing them.

    Loss and Gain The Story of a Convert

  • Nutty Farrquha Perigrine Parker is contesting Welwyn Hatfield, Howling 'Laud' Hope will stand in Witney against

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  • Cameron - who comfortably won his seat of Witney with almost 34,000 votes - was stood next to Monster Raving Loony William Hill Party candidate Alan Hope (also known as Howling "Laud"


  • In under 10 years, Europe was aflame with what was to become the 30 years war; within 30, the English civil war had broken out, consigning Archbishop Bancroft's successor William Laud and James's second son Charles to the executioner's block, an outcome chillingly predicted by Bishop Lancelot Andrewes, head of the committee that translated Genesis, to Laud's face.

    The King James Bible reconsidered | David Edgar


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