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  • Law, (Andrew) Bonar 1858-1923. Canadian-born British politician who served as Chancellor of the Exchequer (1916-1918) and prime minister (1922-1923).
  • Law, John 1671-1729. Scottish financier active in France, where he engaged in highly profitable speculation on the development of Louisiana. The investment scheme ultimately collapsed, and he fled the country in ruin (1720).

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  • proper n. A patronymic surname.
  • proper n. A diminutive of Lawrence.
  • proper n. A topographic surname, perhaps originally meaning someone who lives near a burial mound.
  • proper n. a conical hill
  • proper n. the Torah
  • proper n. a generic term which can refer to the Divine commandments (primarily the Decalogue), the Old Testament in general or, most specifically, the Torah.


From the given name Lawrence. (Wiktionary)
From Old English hlaw, a hill or burial mound. (Wiktionary)
Capitalized form of law. (Wiktionary)



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  • From the etymologies: "from Old Norse *lagu, variant of lag, that which is laid down; see legh- in Indo-European roots.

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