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  • Lovecraft, H(oward) P(hillips) 1890-1937. American writer of fantasy and horror tales, collected in The Outsider and Others (1939), Beyond the Wall of Sleep (1943), and Marginalia (1944).

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  • proper n. H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937), an American author of fantasy, horror and science fiction, noted for combining these three genres within single narratives. Lovecraft's works have become highly important and influential among writers and fans of modern horror fiction.
  • proper n. The literature written by H. P. Lovecraft.
  • proper n. A surname.


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  • So no lovecraft connections but many Clark Ashton Smith ones - I always thought that Lovecraft would make a good vampire, fallen aristrocrat, frustrated, eccentric, pale, a little out of this world and talked and wrote as if from a different time.

    I try to use Lovecraft to run for Mayor, and the Postcard Plan rolls on!

  • H.P. Lovecraft is one of the strangest and most influential writers of horror in the English language.

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  • Lovecraft is listed as a major influence by writers as diverse -- and successful -- as King himself and, as we learn in the course of his book, the French writer Michel Houellebecq.

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  • Against the World makes no pretense of critical impartiality; Houellebecq is an ardent admirer of Lovecraft's work, and a sympathetic biographer -- though there's not much in Lovecraft's bitter, misanthropic existence to inspire sympathy.

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  • LNN: What does you wife think of your interest in Lovecraft, and will she let you buy a plush Cthulhu doll for your children to play with?

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  • How do Danish beliefs and attitudes towards spirituality -- or the lack of them -- play out with Lovecraftian ideologies, and how does this affect the way Lovecraft is perceived in Scandinavia?

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  • I have met a few people interested in Lovecraft through this project and we have several ideas on the table.

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  • As far as any impact these big screen treatments will have on our documentary … well, I hope the fact that Lovecraft is in the air will make people pick up a copy of FOTU on Amazon or add it to their Netflix queue.

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  • Almost as proud as the day he asked if I'd mind contributing the piece in Lovecraft Studies.

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  • We strive to maintain as wide of a scope as possible while maintaining the dignity and sophistication Lovecraft is known for.

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