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  • n. German filmmaker of sophisticated comedies (1892-1947)


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  • He appreciates Lubitsch so well that he crosses his own wires when he calls Lubitsch "a clever middlebrow craftsman mistaken for a highbrow genius".

    O MacGuffin

  • In the New York Times, Dave Kehr reviews Facets 'first volume of a collection of films by Johan van der Keuken, "arguably Europe's most important documentary filmmaker, and:" Lubitsch's Hollywood Europe was a highly artificial, thoroughly imagined place, but then so was the Europe he envisioned while still in Germany, as revealed by the five wonderful films being released today on four discs by Kino International under the series title Lubitsch in Berlin.

    GreenCine Daily: Shorts, 12/5.

  • On the other hand, even casual film fans have heard the name Ernst Lubitsch.

    The Movies That Changed Us

  • As you’ll notice, there’s a deposit for $10,000 from a company called Lubitsch Holdings.


  • However, if she worked with a director she trusted and admired, such as Lubitsch, Mamoulian, and Wyler, the results could be magic.

    Alternative Film Guide

  • Brassy wallop meets a master of cinema this week when the 15-member Flat Earth Society comes to Astoria to perform an original soundtrack for the 1919 Ernst Lubitsch film "The Oyster Princess."

    The View From the Mountaintop

  • No duds are to be found in the whole bunch, and one just wants to stay transported to that magical sphere Lubitsch created for us.

    John Farr: Laughing in Style: That Special 'Lubitsch Touch'

  • A final, fitting anecdote: reportedly, after Lubitsch's funeral, a grief-stricken Billy Wilder, usually at no loss for words, could only mutter: "No more Lubitsch."

    John Farr: Laughing in Style: That Special 'Lubitsch Touch'

  • In yet another pristine Criterion release, again Lubitsch shows off his incomparable skill in fashioning soufflé-light comedies that poke sly fun at conventional human mores.

    John Farr: Laughing in Style: That Special 'Lubitsch Touch'

  • Lubitsch infuses this gossamer "East meets West" romance with his trademark chic style and clever substance.

    John Farr: Laughing in Style: That Special 'Lubitsch Touch'


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