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  • Marconi, Guglielmo 1874-1937. Italian engineer and inventor who in 1901 transmitted long-wave radio signals across the Atlantic Ocean. He shared the 1909 Nobel Prize in physics.

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  • adj. Designating, or pert. to, Marconi's system of wireless telegraphy; [archaic]

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  • n. Italian electrical engineer who invented wireless telegraphy and in 1901 transmitted radio signals across the Atlantic Ocean (1874-1937)


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  • Marconi is another tapered, sweet heirloom, but it grows as long as 12 inches.

    Groundwork: The wonder of late-season peppers

  • We regret to see that Marconi is not to be spared the ungenerous criticism which has been made against so many distinguished inventors, just as soon as they had demonstrated the commercial practicability of their ideas.

    Origin of Rhodes Scholarship, Defending Marconi, Rich Inventors

  • Here was the same cable, stretched taut between the bow and what might in Elizabeth's time have been called a Marconi tower, creating a brilliant orange triangle.

    Duma Key

  • He did not make the affair large enough to carry a man, but he made an extremely ingenious use of what were then called the Marconi rays to control its flight.

    Twelve Stories and a Dream, by H. G. Wells

  • Tesla's wireless technology lost out to Marconi's once and for all when a young David Sarnoff, working as a radio operator for the Marconi company, made headlines relaying the disaster signal and casuality list from the sinking of the Titanic, cementing the notion of Marconi as the


  • It's smaller than Marconi, meaning the growth cycles are shorter, and it's even more fruitful.

    Groundwork: The wonder of late-season peppers

  • This is not to mention that, largely through the efforts of this undercover agent and the wiretaps authorized with probable cause gathered through him, we now have a greater understanding of the sophistication and reach of organized crime entities such as Marconi's.

    Trunk Music

  • This is a new tactic devised by Marconi which is likely to be utilised as effectively by other multinational corporations in the future to overcome large-scale anti-apartheid protests in their own countries when such exposures in fact threaten military deals with the Pretoria regime.


  • And no Tory is allowed to say "Marconi" for fear Mr. George should say

    Utopia of Usurers and Other Essays

  • Late Sujit Kumar ji (may his soul rest in peace) had played an Indo-Italian character called 'Marconi' in the film. - bollywood updates


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