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  • Marius, Gaius 155?-86 B.C. Roman general and politician. Elected consul seven times, he reformed the military and lost a disastrous civil war (88) to his political rival Sulla.

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  • proper n. A male given name.


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From Latin Marius, a Roman family name probably derived from Mars. By folk etymology seen as a masculine form of Maria.


  • A second and clearer instance of their favor appeared upon his making a magnificent oration in praise of his aunt Julia, wife of Marius, publicly in the forum, at whose funeral he was so bold as to bring forth the images of Marius, which nobody had dared to produce since the government came into Sylla’s hands, Marius’ party having from that time been declared enemies of the State.


  • MARIUS AND THE WAR WITH THE GERMANS, 102-101 B.C. A few years later Marius had another opportunity to win distinction.

    Early European History

  • Without a word Marius turned and pushed open the revolving door of the hotel.

    The Murder of Busy Lizzie

  • It may be as well to add here that the prevailing opinion of archæologists now refers the arch to the reign of Marcus Aurelius, and that the name Marius has no reference to the conqueror of the Cimbri, as has been generally supposed.

    The Roof of France

  • She called Marius by his name; he could not doubt that he was the person whom she wanted; but who was this girl?

    Les Miserables, Volume III, Marius

  • Not to mention that Marius is a fucking stand up sort of guy.

    When the Ceiling Has Become the Sky (Music (For Robots))

  • WEST BROMWICH SUBSTITUTION: Robert Earnshaw for Cosmin Marius Contra in the 75th minute

  • WEST BROMWICH SUBSTITUTION: Paul Robinson for Cosmin Marius Contra in the 38th minute

  • Without a word Marius levered himself off the couch, took Caesar’s shoes and slipped them onto Caesar’s feet, laced them with the swift efficiency of an organized mind.

    The First Man in Rome

  • Did it have an Oscan ring to it, just because there were Samnites and Volsci called Marius?

    The First Man in Rome


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