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  • Martin, Homer Dodge 1836-1897. American painter whose landscapes include Lake Sanford (1870) and The Harp of the Winds (1895).
  • Martin, Mary 1913-1990. American actress who appeared in numerous Broadway hits, including Peter Pan (1954) and The Sound of Music (1959-1960).
  • Martin, Paul Edgar Philippe, Jr. Born 1938. Canadian businessman and politician who served as prime minister of Canada (2003-2006) and as minister of finance (1993-2002).

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  • proper n. A male given name originally given in honor of a fourth century soldier-saint.
  • proper n. A patronymic surname.
  • proper n. An English habitational surname for someone who lived near a mere.


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From Latin Martinus ("of or like Mars" or "little Mars"), Mars, Martis + -inus (diminutive suffix.


  • MARTIN: Martin, the three of you are involved in King, Inc., and you and Bernice contend that you have no role in the decisions, that Dexter is making all the decisions himself, correct?

    CNN Transcript May 20, 2009

  • DOUG BURNHAM, MARTIN BURNHAM'S BROTHER: We received word early this morning from the Philippine ambassador and also the Philippine president called to let us know that there was a confrontation with the military and the Philippine rebels yesterday, and in that confrontation, Martin was killed and Gracia was injured.

    CNN Transcript Jun 7, 2002

  • He uses it in “David Copperfield, ” where Mr. Micawber (of all people!) plays this trick on Uriah Heep; he uses it in “Hunted Down”; he was about using it in “Edwin Drood”; he used it (old Martin and Pecksniff) in “Martin Chuzzlewit.

    Criticisms and Interpretations. V. By Andrew Lang

  • It felt to me that he was just going through the motions without putting any effort or emotion into what he was reading. kate mulgrew in dragon age was interesting, i can't wait to hear martin sheen mass effect 3 should have Charlie and Martin

    GameSpot's News, Screenshots, Movies, Reviews, Previews, Downloads, and Features

  • Failure to eliminate both sparrows and starlings from martin houses can destroy your colony as these invasive species will kill and displace the gentler martins.) • Martin housing is best mounted well clear of houses with unobstructed flight lines to and from the site.

    The Daily News - News

  • VANCOUVER Kevin Martin is a curling god up here in the great white north.

    Martin is straw that stirs unbeaten Canadian curling team

  • The film is acted a bit broadly sometimes, and its ending is a little neat, but it reminded me of a phrase Martin Amis coined years ago: "tramp dread", a morbid terror of homeless people which is in fact a terror of how easy and even attractive it might be to give up work and responsibilities and become a tramp oneself.

    Treacle Jr – review

  • Kevin Martin is certainly trying to make his last weeks as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission eventful.

    Cable Industry to F.C.C.: Don’t Ask About Our Rates - Bits Blog -

  • Kevin Martin is the current chairman of the FCC (the Federal Communications Commission).

    “Consolidating Information and the Doctrine of Insatiable Greed” | Disinformation

  • Kevin Martin is a “Bushite,” plainly, and now he is the chairman of the FCC; and he wants to direct this federal commission toward helping huge, monumentally wealthy corporate demigods swallow up what little diversity we have in our media, digest it and excrete more goose-stepping mainstream news outlets.

    “Consolidating Information and the Doctrine of Insatiable Greed” | Disinformation


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