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  • Mountbatten, Louis. First Earl Mountbatten of Burma. 1900-1979. British naval officer and colonial administrator who was supreme Allied commander in southeast Asia (1943-1946) and the last viceroy and governor-general of India (1947). He was assassinated by the Irish Republican Army.


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  • Like other descendants of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, William's surname is official British royal website, the Queen's descendants carry the name Mountbatten, as well as the royal surname Windsor, to reflect her husband Prince Philip's surname.

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  • Their children, it appeared, were not to be given the name of Mountbatten which Philip had taken as his own - "I'm nothing but a bloody amoeba" - and the couple left the comfort of Clarence House, with its cosy retinue and basement cinema, to inhabit official quarters in Buckingham Palace.

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  • Mountbatten, which is owned by Winthrop Chamberlin and Barnet Liberman, bought the turn-of-the-last-century industrial building across from James J. Walker Park in 1975 for about $550,000.

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  • The IRA got "Mountbatten" while he was fishing in Northern Ireland.

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  • Stilwell referred to Mountbatten as “a limey mountebank… sometimes as dumb as that thick-headed cousin of his, the King,” but Tuchman offered an explanation for Lord Louis’s position: “The British intended to reach Hong Kong by sea before the Chinese were able to reach it by land.”

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  • But the movie and the tickets to Oklahoma! turned out to go only so far with Mountbatten.

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  • After being told of the appointment, Mountbatten walked back to his quarters at the Château Frontenac and found Donovan sitting in his room.

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  • Churchill and Roosevelt had also agreed to appoint Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten the top commander for Southeast Asia, whose theater would also include India and China.

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  • They thought he would want to head straight to bed after his exhausting flight, but Donovan was charged up and eager to go to Faridkot House to regale Mountbatten with his stories from Burma and China.

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  • The Chinese general had been told he had six months to produce worthwhile intelligence for the OSS, Donovan recounted to Mountbatten, after that no more “wampum”—tommy guns, radio sets, and other toys from the OSS.

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