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  • Nansen, Fridtjof 1861-1930. Norwegian explorer, zoologist, and politician who led an Arctic expedition (1893-1896) and directed the League of Nations relief programs for refugees of World War I. He won the 1922 Nobel Peace Prize.

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  • n. Norwegian explorer of the Arctic and director of the League of Nations relief program for refugees of World War I (1861-1930)


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  • In the thorough biography of Nansen he published in 1996, Roland Huntford concluded that "Nansen is among the few really worthy winners of the Peace Prize, although he is probably the one who spent the shortest time earning it".

    Fridtjof Nansen: Scientist and Humanitarian

  • Today, the spirit and memory of Nansen is still alive and is given practical effect when, once a year, the Nansen

    United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - Nobel Lecture

  • If politics is the art of the possible, statesmanship is the art, in Nansen's sense, of the impossible; and it is statesmanship that our perplexed and tortured humanity requires today.

    Philip Noel-Baker - Nobel Lecture

  • It is marked by two characteristics that rarely go together, but which in Nansen were combined: the highest idealism and an exceptional faculty for the practical.

    The Nobel Peace Prize 1938 - Presentation Speech

  • The situation was helped by the intergovernmental agreement of 1926 which stipulated that the document commonly called the Nansen Passports6 - actually for most refugees the identity card required in many countries - be subject to a levy of five gold francs for each issue or renewal.

    Nansen International Office for Refugees - Nobel Lecture

  • "Nansen", said Cecil, "was a pillar round whom the whole of the representatives assembled gathered in order to enforce what they believed to be right and just."

    Philip Noel-Baker - Nobel Lecture

  • He had made one of those magnificent voyages such as Nansen made, and in those days when a man did anything which greatly distinguished him for the moment he had to come on to the lecture platform and tell all about it.

    Mark Twain`s speeches; with an introduction by William Dean Howells.

  • It was _de rigueur_ to address such personages as "Nansen"; but Rhoda gained for herself the more picturesque title of "Hail Columbia" as she strode along, straight and alert, her tawny curls peeping from beneath a sealskin cap, her stars and stripes toboggan making a spot of colour in the midst of the universal whiteness.

    Tom and Some Other Girls A Public School Story

  • In " Liberal Washington State Tries to Kiss Medicaid Goodbye " Cross Country, June 4, Nansen Malin incorrectly cites Senate Bill 5596 as evidence of Washington state's support for block granting the Medicaid program and implies that support for this approach from among the most unlikely of states is a general indicator of its overall merit.

    We Say No to Medicaid Block Grants

  • He has authored over a dozen books on international law, and is the subject of a biography, entitled Tommy, by the Norwegian humanitarian and UNICEF founder, Odd Nansen.

    A Lucky Child by Thomas Buergenthal: Book summary


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