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  • Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm 1844-1900. German philosopher who reasoned that Christianity's emphasis on the afterlife makes its believers less able to cope with earthly life. He argued that the ideal human, the Übermensch, would be able to channel passions creatively instead of suppressing them. His written works include Beyond Good and Evil (1886) and Thus Spake Zarathustra (1883-1892).

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  • proper n. A surname.

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  • n. influential German philosopher remembered for his concept of the superman and for his rejection of Christian values; considered, along with Kierkegaard, to be a founder of existentialism (1844-1900)


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From German Nietzsche.



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  • I wish I had a reason to say Nietzsche niche. /niˈtʃə niʃ/

    October 7, 2015