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  • Parry, Milman 1902-1935. American classicist and folklorist who revealed the oral-formulaic character of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey by analyzing the formulaic nature of the poems and studying the performance and structure of the heroic songs of South Slavic bards.
  • Parry, Sir William Edward 1790-1855. British navigator who commanded three expeditions in search of the Northwest Passage (1819-1820, 1821-1823, and 1824-1825).

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  • proper n. A surname.


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Anglicised from Welsh ap Harri, "son of Henry".


  • Yesterday when I came down to breakfast I found Sir Humphry Davy, with a countenance radiant with pleasure, eager to tell me that Captain Parry is to be sent out upon a

    Maria Edgeworth

  • Parry is a recently published Aussie author who is phenomenally talented.

    Author of the Month, Vanessa Kelly

  • Newcomer Will Parry is on the run for (accidental?) murder when he finds a doorway from our world into Cittagazze, an otherworldly city filled with kids and deadly Spectres.

    Books in 2008, #30

  • Parry is now reporting that current US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was also involved, according to the intelligence allegedly provided by the Russians.

    The Early Word: Assessing the Gates Decision - The Caucus Blog -

  • Parry is here, and he and I agree very well; and all is going on hopefully for the present, considering circumstances.

    Two Letters from Greece by Lord Byron

  • My mentor, my former law partner in Parry Sound, Bill Green, was a well renowned small-l and large-L Liberal.

    The Annual Post-Budget Address

  • The only other man who might be able to commiserate with Parry is Angel Cabrera, who produced a steady run from 8 over par to 6, the tying score, only to bogey 13 and wind up 7 over and out of luck.

    Parry's charge falls short

  • But Ellen's longest and most lingering adieu was to Captain Parry, the old grey cat.

    The Wide, Wide World

  • Captain Parry now showed signs of being decidedly weary, and permitted Alice to take him up.

    The Wide, Wide World

  • I have had that cat five years, and when he was first given me by my brother Jack, who was younger then than he is now, and had been reading Captain Parry's Voyages, he gave him that name and would have him called so.

    The Wide, Wide World


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