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  • Pavlov, Ivan Petrovich 1849-1936. Russian physiologist who is best known for discovering the conditioned response. He won a 1904 Nobel Prize for research on the nature of digestion.

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  • proper n. Transliteration of a common surname for men in Russia.

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  • n. Russian physiologist who observed conditioned salivary responses in dogs (1849-1936)


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From Павел (Pavel) + -ov


  • Pavlov is famous for his work with dogs, bells, and saliva, but his lesser known work with dogs and stress is applicable here.

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  • Americans will forever be 'anchored' (as in Pavlov) to associate deep fear with the suggestion of terrorism thanks to 9/11.

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  • What was going on in Pavlov's dog's brain at a physical level?

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  • Research in Pavlov's laboratories over a number of years revealed for the first time the basic laws governing the functioning of the cortex of the great hemispheres.

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  • The rest of the bunch (including Ivan Pavlov aka COH, Not Applicable clarinetist Lothar Ohlmeier, and Digitonal) pull their weight admirably resulting in a disparate, if always highly listenable collection.


  • There's that little kind of Pavlov's dog in us, where we see those conditions that it brought the tragedy to begin with.

    CNN Transcript Apr 18, 2005

  • Train a dog to drool on command in the 'Pavlov's Dog Game'

    Ivan Pavlov - Biography

  • Speicherverbrauch der aktuellen Beta soll auch weiter verbessert worden sein, wie der Entwickler Stuart "Pavlov" Parmenter in seinem Blog schreibt.

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  • Altre soddisfazioni per Firefox 3 Beta 4 sono arrivate anche dopo i test effettuati da Stuart 'Pavlov' Parmenter sul consumo di memoria RAM dei browser.

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  • [...] quem interessar, "Pavlov", engenheiro de software na Mozilla Corporation, documenta no seu blog o trabalho realizado a vários níveis para melhorar a gestão de memória no conhecido [...]

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  • "It is popularly believed that Ivan Pavlov always signaled the occurrence of food by ringing a bell. However, his writings record the use of a wide variety of stimuli, including electric shocks, whistles, metronomes, tuning forks, and a range of visual stimuli, in addition to ringing a bell. A. Charles Catania cast doubt on whether Pavlov ever actually used a bell in his famous experiments. Richard A. Littman tentatively attributed the popular imagery to Pavlov’s contemporaries Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev and John B. Watson, until Roger K. Thomas found several references that unambiguously stated Pavlov did, indeed, use a bell."


    August 31, 2010