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  • Ross, Betsy Griscom 1752-1836. American seamstress who, according to tradition, made the first American flag (June 1776) at the request of George Washington.
  • Ross, Harold Wallace 1892-1951. American publisher who founded and edited (1925-1951) the New Yorker magazine.
  • Ross, Sir James Clark 1800-1862. British polar explorer who located the north magnetic pole (1831). On an Antarctic expedition (1839-1843) he discovered Victoria Land and the Ross Sea.
  • Ross, John Originally Coowescoowe or Kooweskoowe. 1790-1866. Cherokee leader who reluctantly directed the forced removal of the Cherokee from Georgia to the Oklahoma Territory (1838-1839) along a route called the Trail of Tears.
  • Ross, Sir John 1777-1856. British naval officer and Arctic explorer whose expeditions (1818 and 1829-1833) in search of the Northwest Passage yielded several geographic discoveries.
  • Ross, Nellie Tayloe 1876-1977. American politician who was elected (1924) to complete her deceased husband's term as governor of Wyoming (1925-1927), thereby becoming the first woman governor in the United States.
  • Ross, Sir Ronald 1857-1932. British physician. He won a 1902 Nobel Prize for discovering that mosquitoes transmit malaria.

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  • proper n. An English and Scottish habitational surname derived from any of several places of that name, from Gaelic ros "headland".
  • proper n. A male given name, transferred use of the surname since early nineteenth century.

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  • n. The rough, scaly matter on the surface of the bark of trees.
  • transitive v. To divest of the ross, or rough, scaly surface.

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  • To strip the ross from; strip bark from.
  • To cut up (bark) for boiling, etc.
  • n. The rough scaly matter on the surface of the bark of certain trees.
  • n. Branches of trees lopped off; the refuse of plants.
  • n. A morass.

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  • n. British physician who discovered that mosquitos transmit malaria (1857-1932)
  • n. American seamstress said to have made the first American flag at the request of George Washington (1752-1836)
  • n. Scottish explorer who led Arctic expeditions that yielded geographic discoveries while searching for the Northwest Passage (1777-1856)
  • n. British explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic; located the north magnetic pole in 1831; discovered the Ross Sea in Antarctica; nephew of Sir John Ross (1800-1862)
  • n. a politician in Wyoming who was the first woman governor in the United States (1876-1977)


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  • MIKE FITZPATRICK, ATTORNEY FOR MICHAEL ROSS: Well, essentially, the claim is now that both the trial court and the Connecticut Supreme Court incorrectly applied federal law in that the -- in that both courts failed to determine whether Ross ` waiver of any further appeals was, in fact, voluntary.

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  • ROSS: From Baghdad, Iraq and Task Force Steel Dragons, I send my profound thank you to Coach Ross and the Army team for the victory in Army football.

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  • ROSS rifle, canadian rifle not a lot of people know this rifle. it a part of the canada history. one of the most accurate rifle of his generation The Ross rifle was a straight-pull bolt-action 0.303 inch calibre rifle produced in Canada from 1903 until the middle of the First World War, when it was withdrawn from service in Europe due to its unreliability under wartime conditions, and its widespread unpopularity among the soldiers. - Articles related to Siemens' global technology showcase - exiderdome - docks in Toronto

  • ROSS KEMP has seen action on the Afghan front line and has been close by when some of our servicemen have lost their lives, as he reveals in his book, Ross Kemp On Afghanistan.

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  • i think ross taylor is a perfect gentleman, what he might be thinking Not only Ross taylor, I think all new zealanders are perfect gentleman.

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  • Caitlin Ross, 22-year-old daughter of KIRO talker and former Congressional candidate Dave Ross, is a Democrat candidate for the state House in the 9th District.

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  • Whitehead. …the name Ross Mandell came up pretty well in every conversation. News

  • Jeremy Ross is a decent kick-returner and Isi Sofele has the makings of a good punt returner, but Tedford needs more big plays out of his returners and better kick coverage than he got last season.

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  • Earraid, but of the neighboring part of Mull (which they call the Ross) is nothing but a jumble of granite rocks with heather in among.

    Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 6

  • It was still the roughest kind of walking; indeed the whole, not only of Earraid, but of the neighbouring part of Mull (which they call the Ross) is nothing but a jumble of granite rocks with heather in among.

    Kidnapped: The Adventures of David Balfour


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