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  • Rundstedt, Karl Rudolf Gerd von 1875-1953. German general who took part in the invasions of Poland, France, and Russia during World War II and was commander in chief of the western front (1942-1945).

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  • n. German field marshal in World War II who directed the conquest of Poland and led the Ardennes counteroffensive (1875-1953)


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  • Some 39 Allied divisions were available for D-Day, pitted against 38 German infantry and nine armored ones; by September, Field Marshal von Rundstedt could scrape together just 21 infantry divisions, most of which had lost their vehicles and artillery.

    How the Battle Was Won, if Not Yet the War

  • Guderian, whom Hitler had brought back from unemployment along with von Rundstedt and von Kluge, now suggested to Hitler that the easiest way to solve the problem was to shift Sch├Ârner to North, replacing him with Friessner.


  • By a curious coincidence, on December 1, while von Rundstedt was arguing with Hitler about withdrawal, von Bock finally threw in the towel.


  • In late August he shifted resources to von Rundstedt to enable him to complete the conquest of Ukraine.


  • The commander of Army Group South thereupon lost his temper and told Hitler his order was insane, either take it back or he, von Rundstedt, would resign.


  • He ordered von Rundstedt to hold his ground at all costs.


  • At the end of August, von Leeb was in the same position with respect to Leningrad, as was von Rundstedt with respect to Kiev and the Crimea.


  • So von Rundstedt was, for once, ready to support Hitler, who, as we have seen, was by the last half of October leaning toward going into winter quarters.


  • Von Rundstedt, presiding over this series of successes, wanted to quit while he was ahead.


  • Von Kleist fought his way into the city, but his extended force was now vulnerable to the developing Soviet counterattack, and so von Rundstedt ordered a general retreat to his preferred position along the Kalmius River.



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