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  • Sewall, Samuel 1652-1730. English-born American jurist who presided over the witchcraft trials at Salem, Massachusetts (1692).


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  • The answer, according to Sewall, is to “assume more risk.”

    Man Versus Afghanistan

  • For a fund-raiser, the third graders in her neighborhood, students at Sewall Elementary, are selling chocolate made from Ivory Coast cocoa beans.

    Ten Miles Past Normal

  • I try to think of who Emma sat on the bus with when we all went to Sewall Elementary, but every picture my mind calls up is of Emma with her nose in a book—on the bus, on the playground, and walking down the hall.

    Ten Miles Past Normal

  • One of the biggest and most remarkable characters in twentieth-century science, Haldane is best remembered along with Briton Sir Ronald Fisher and American Sewall Wright as an innovative pioneer in population genetics, though he made many other important contributions.


  • The last of this remarkable trio was Sewall Wright, an American geneticist who was fond of philosophy, that relative of mathematics forgive me for cracking the old joke about the difference: while mathematicians need paper, pencil, and a wastepaper basket, philosophers need only paper and pencil.


  • In 1932, the American geneticist Sewall Wright had come up with the idea of a “fitness landscape.”


  • Sewall, who was a history instructor at Phillips Academy, an education editor at Newsweek, and on the faculties of New York University and Boston University, also said the resolution was “arguably provocative.”

    Texas education board: Textbooks favor Islam over Christianity

  • But Gilbert T. Sewall, the director of the American Textbook Council, an independent national research organization established in 1989 to review history and social studies textbooks, does not support the Texas resolution.

    Texas education board: Textbooks favor Islam over Christianity

  • The Japanese murderer, whom I have mentioned before, had been a sailmaker on board the Arthur Sewall ships, and he told me that the probable sailing course would be by way of the Cape of Good Hope.

    Chapter 19

  • I personally knew Sewall Wright and take very seriously his random drift theory.

    An Evolutionary Model of Depression, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty


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