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  • Shapley, Harlow 1885-1972. American astronomer noted for his work in cosmology, spectroscopy, and photometry.

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  • n. United States astronomer (1885-1972)


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  • The biggest concentration of matter seen by the survey is a previously known giant pileup of galaxies called the Shapley supercluster, which lies about 600 million light years from

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  • The story of these interwoven discoveries includes battles of will, clever insights, and wrong turns made by the early investigators in this great twentieth-century pursuit, from the luminaries (Einstein, Hubble, Harlow Shapley) to the lesser known: Henrietta Leavitt, who discovered the means to measure the vast dimensions of the cosmos ...

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  • Shapley value: 4 to A, 1 to B and 1 to C. Nucleolus: 6 to A, because A is the key in any solution and neither B nor C is required.

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  • Do the axioms for the Shapley value or the nucleolus appeal?

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  • The nucleolus is plausible because people actually come to it, and to the Shapley value, without any knowledge of game theory: TVA asked how to allocate the benefits of its dam and came up with the Shapley value, a generalized version of the Aristotelean proportionality rule that is sensitive to concerns about team play.

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  • Again, even the earliest theories of the Galaxy's origin, without the basis of modern knowledge of the Milky Way, Shapley 1930 pg. 193 said;

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  • Shapley was of the opinion that they were spiral structures within our own galaxy.

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  • One of the evidences Shapley put forth was that another astronomer, Adriaan vanMaanen, had reported detecting rotation of these objects over a period of years leading to an overall rotation rate of ~105 years.

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  • "But, Mr. Terris," expostulated Shapley of San Francisco, "there will be trouble."

    "Power" by Harl Vincent, part 6

  • That's your job, Shapley, to face trouble and fight it.

    "Power" by Harl Vincent, part 6


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