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  • Thomas, Saint One of the 12 Apostles. According to the New Testament, he doubted that Jesus had risen from the dead until he saw the wounds.
  • Thomas, Clarence Born 1948. American jurist who was appointed an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1991.
  • Thomas, Dylan Marlais 1914-1953. Welsh poet known for his bardic voice experiments with syllabic verse. He wrote highly personal poems, such as "Fern Hill” (1946), as well as essays, short fiction, and works for radio, including Under Milk Wood (1954).
  • Thomas, George Henry 1816-1870. American Union general who fought at the Battle of Shiloh (1862) and was renowned for his stalwart defense during the Union defeat at Chickamauga (1863).
  • Thomas, Isaiah 1749-1831. American publisher who founded the Massachusetts Spy, an anti-British newspaper (1770), and produced many books, including the first English Bible printed in the colonies.
  • Thomas, Lowell Jackson 1892-1981. American radio commentator who was a correspondent during both World Wars, broadcast a nightly news program (1930-1976), and wrote and lectured widely on his travel adventures.
  • Thomas, Norman Mattoon 1884-1968. American socialist leader. A founder of the American Civil Liberties Union (1920), he was the Socialist Party candidate for President six times between 1928 and 1948.
  • Thomas, Seth 1785-1859. American clockmaker and a pioneer in the mass production of clocks.

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  • n. An infidel (used by Christians in reference to the Apostle).
  • proper n. An Apostle, best remembered for doubting the resurrection of Jesus.
  • proper n. A male given name of biblical origin, popular since the 13th century.
  • proper n. A common patronymic surname.

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  • To beg on St. Thomas' s Day, Dec. 31. This is still done in some parts of England by villagers, who go about in procession begging money for the Christmas revels, especially in the district of Almondsbury and Huddersfield: as, to go about Thomasing.

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  • n. United States socialist who was a candidate for president six times (1884-1968)
  • n. the Apostle who would not believe the resurrection of Jesus until he saw Jesus with his own eyes
  • n. United States clockmaker who introduced mass production (1785-1859)
  • n. a radio broadcast journalist during World War I and World War II noted for his nightly new broadcast (1892-1981)
  • n. Welsh poet (1914-1953)


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From Θωμᾶς, the Biblical Greek transciption of Aramaic תאומא or תאמא ("twin"), the nickname of one of the Twelve Apostles. In the gospel of John (11:16, 20:24), the Aramaic nickname is also translated into Greek, as δίδυμος (dídumos). Rendered Thomas in the Vulgate, and hence in English Bible translations. Use as a given name since the Middle Ages, e.g. Thomas the Presbyter (7th century), Thomas the Slav (8th century), Thomas of Bayeux (died 1100).



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