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  • Thompson, Benjamin. Count Rumford. 1753-1814. American-born British public official and physicist who conducted numerous experiments on heat and friction, concluding that heat is produced by moving particles.
  • Thompson, David 1770-1857. Canadian explorer who followed the Columbia River to its mouth (1811) and mapped much of western Canada.
  • Thompson, Dorothy 1894-1961. American journalist whose radio broadcasts and widely syndicated column "On the Record” (1936-1941) informed Americans of the impending threat of Nazi Germany.
  • Thompson, Sir John Sparrow David 1844-1894. Canadian politician who served as prime minister (1892-1894).

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  • proper n. A British surname.

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  • n. English physicist (born in America) who studied heat and friction; experiments convinced him that heat is caused by moving particles (1753-1814)
  • n. United States classical archaeologist (born in Canada) noted for leading the excavation of the Athenian agora (1906-2000)


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Variant of Thomson, from Tom +‎ -son, originally meaning "son of Thomas".


  • If you Google "fred thompson," he writes, the first two hits are from Wikipedia and the Internet Movie Database (though when I tried it the second hit was Draft Fred Thompson for President), and Mitt Romney is buying Google ad words on Thompson, so an ad for his site shows up in the Sponsored Links section of the results.

    Daily Digest: 5/29/07

  • THOMPSON: I think any time you get another Thompson, that in and of itself is a plus.

    CNN Transcript Jun 6, 2007

  • TOMMY THOMPSON (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I think that anybody with the Thompson name should get involved if they want to get involved.

    CNN Transcript Jun 6, 2007

  • TOMMY THOMPSON (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: And if you're talking about a reliable conservative, it is this Thompson, Tommy Thompson, not the actor.

    CNN Transcript Jun 5, 2007

  • T.F. THOMPSON: Senator Thompson, it has to be certain size for it to get into the body.

    CNN Transcript Oct 17, 2001

  • While on the stand thompson said it wasn't like that She insisted that $76,000 in cash is still somewhere in a gray storage box set aside for Sammy, however no one, not even Thompson, knows where that storage box is.


  • Detroit: Left hander Justin Thompson is still just 25, and too young to be written off as favorite to be Detroit's ace of the future.

    covering baseball for USA TODAY Online.Movers and shakers in the AL

  • Regardless of whether Thompson is a buffoon, this is clearly buffoonery.

    Matthew Yglesias » No Evil Shall Escape His Sight

  • Still, Oklahoma has to be wondering whether Thompson is an able replacement for Rhett Bomar, who was dismissed last month after investigators discovered he had broken NCAA rules by taking money for work he did not perform at a Norman car dealership. - College Football - UAB vs. Oklahoma

  • Thompson is learned in the best sense of the word: He knows exactly why be believes what he believes, but he is also an excellent listener.

    Matthew Yglesias » If You Want to Get Things Done, Use Reconciliation


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