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  • Thorndike, Edward Lee 1874-1949. American educational psychologist noted for his study of animal intelligence and his methods of measuring intelligence.

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  • n. English actress (1882-1976)
  • n. United States educational psychologist (1874-1949)


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  • Curtis gives us delicious backstage sequences, many involving the delightful Judi Dench as Dame Sybil Thorndike, another star of the film, who befriended Marilyn and scolded Olivier for the way he treated her.

    Marshall Fine: Review: My Week with Marilyn

  • When the mess becomes too much to tolerate for the repining Olivier and he bursts with frustration, veteran thespian Sybil Thorndike Judi Dench pops up like a daisy through mud to defend the woman with whom many have come to sympathize.

    Felice Arenas: Williams Has Same 'Hunger as Monroe,' Says My Week With Marilyn Director

  • The only convincing character is Sybil Thorndike, who seems to have been taken directly from Judi Dench's unerring instincts.

    'Hugo': A Dazzler, but No Victor

  • Whenever there has been an income tax—briefly during the Civil War, and permanently since 1913—the IRS or its predecessor has had its own whistleblower program, says tax historian Joseph Thorndike of Tax Analysts, a nonprofit publisher.

    Taxes: How To Turn In Your Neighbor to the IRS

  • Mr. Thorndike noted that President Reagan had a similar-sounding idea in 1980—a "10-10-10" plan, representing his intention to lower taxes by 10% for three successive years.

    Cain Plan's Reagan-Era Roots

  • "I think people crave the big idea when it comes to taxes," said Joseph Thorndike, a tax historian who is skeptical of the Cain plan.

    Cain Plan's Reagan-Era Roots

  • ARNOLD: Thorndike heads up the Tax History Project at the nonpartisan and nonprofit group called Tax Analysts.

    Tea Party Finds Inspiration In Boston History

  • ARNOLD: Thorndike says that's a similarity to the modern-day Tea Party movement.

    Tea Party Finds Inspiration In Boston History

  • ARNOLD: Thorndike says that many people seem to think that the Tea Party was a protest about high taxes, when he says it wasn't.

    Tea Party Finds Inspiration In Boston History

  • Because of these perceived sex differences in variability, in 1906 American psychologist Edward Thorndike suggested that the education of women for professions where “a very few gifted individuals are what society requires, is far less needed than for such professions as nursing, teaching…where the average level is the essential.”



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