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  • Lake also Lake Ru·dolf (ro͞oˈdŏlfˌ)Turkana A lake of northwest Kenya in the Great Rift Valley bordering on Ethiopia.

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  • proper n. A Nilo-Saharan language of Kenya.


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  • The second individual is popularly known as Turkana boy, an adolescent Homo erectus discovered by Kamoya Kimeu at Nariokotome near Kenya's Lake Turkana in 1984.

    Meet the Ancestors

  • The news came to Alec like a thunderclap, for the Turkana were the best part of his fighting force, and he had always placed the utmost reliance on their fidelity.

    The Explorer

  • The skeletons are the only complete specimens that fall between the Australopithecus afarensis known as Lucy, dating from 3 million years ago, and the Homo erectus known as Turkana boy, dating from 1.5 million years ago.

    Booker Rising

  • If this isn't a good occasion to talk to Americans about the problems posed by fossil fuels, well, here's how "Turkana" at The Left Coaster

    Grist - the Latest from Grist

  • These initiatives will in turn have huge impacts on areas such as Turkana (Marsabit) that would never otherwise get much attention.

    AllAfrica News: Latest

  • Elsewhere, a Kosmonaut with the byline of "Turkana" is repeating the - Exposing Liberal Media Bias

  • One of her outfits incorporates a long leather apron similar to that worn by the Turkana people of northern Kenya.

    Kenyan 'National Dress' a Work in Progress

  • You can listen in as indigenous activists from Kenya's Lake Turkana region strategize with Chinese colleagues about a Chinese bank loan for the Gibe 3 Dam, a project which will devastate their fragile ecosystems.

    Peter Bosshard: Global Grassroots Network Emerges From "Rivers for Life" Meeting in Mexico

  • Other than through the window of a car or the lens of a camera, our personal encounter with the Turkana came via our guide, a pastor called David.

    Don Golden: Turkana: Looking Into the Face of Starvation

  • David, like the Turkana people he taught us about, is as ruggedly individualistic as any Texas cowboy and the women we met were as magisterial as a National Geographic photo spread.

    Don Golden: Turkana: Looking Into the Face of Starvation


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