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  • Wallace, Alfred Russel 1823-1913. British naturalist who developed a concept of evolution that paralleled the work of Charles Darwin. His works include The Geographical Distribution of Animals (1876).
  • Wallace, De Witt 1889-1981. American publisher who with his wife Lila Bell Acheson Wallace (1889-1984) founded Reader's Digest in 1922.
  • Wallace, George Corley 1919-1998. American politician. A three-time governor of Alabama (1963-1967, 1971-1979, and 1983-1987), he first came to national attention as an outspoken segregationist. Wallace ran unsuccessfully for the presidency in 1968 and 1972.
  • Wallace, Henry Agard 1888-1965. Vice President of the United States (1941-1945) under Franklin D. Roosevelt. He ran for President in 1948 on the Progressive Party ticket.
  • Wallace, Lewis Known as "Lew.” 1827-1905. American general, diplomat, and writer known especially for his novel Ben Hur (1880).
  • Wallace, Sir William 1272?-1305. Scottish patriot who led resistance against the English and briefly gained control of Scotland in 1298.

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  • proper n. A surname, notably of the Scottish patriot William Wallace.
  • proper n. A male given name, transferred use of the surname since the nineteenth century.

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  • n. English naturalist who formulated a concept of evolution that resembled Charles Darwin's (1823-1913)
  • n. English writer noted for his crime novels (1875-1932)
  • n. Scottish insurgent who led the resistance to Edward I; in 1297 he gained control of Scotland briefly until Edward invaded Scotland again and defeated Wallace and subsequently executed him (1270-1305)


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An Old English byname for a Welshman or Breton , from Old French waleis "foreign".



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